The bold and brightly-colored jewelry creations by Fred are truly outstanding.

Creation date: 1936
Head office: 29, rue des pyramides, 75001 Paris - France


Contemporary. Jeweler. Creator. In three words, Fred Samuel encapsulated the essence of Maison FRED in his self-description in 1936. Infused with a constant joie de vivre and bold creativity that upended traditional jewelry codes, his jewelry became the signature of a new informal glamour and sparkling, relaxed elegance.

The founder’s philosophy remains that the heart of Maison FRED today, inspiring each of its collections. Their pronouncedly distinctive design combines superb jewelry-making excellence, exquisite refinement and versatility to express each individual personality. A joyful, free and bold spirit transforms each creation into a celebration of happiness, lighting up life’s memorable moments both big and small.

Fred Samuel, in front of the Negresco hotel © Fred


Embodying the passion for the sea and sailing shared by- Fred Samuel and his family, the Force 10 bracelet is one of the Maison’s signature pieces.

Poised to mark its 55th anniversary, the Force 10 bracelet is worn in myriad fashions, matched to every day and every mood. Both timeless and contemporary with its interchangeable versatility and mixed gender aesthetic, the bracelet embraces each individual’s personality. Boldly orchestrating the unexpected meeting of a woven steel sailing cable with a gold buckle – two materials that would once have seemed opposites – FRED marked the history of jewelry. With its dynamic avant-garde vision, this bracelet has since given birth to a complete collection of pieces at the same time relaxed and synonymous with striking jewelry. The original bold creativity has been elevated by versatility, heightened by a joyful colorful energy.

More than jewelry, it has become a symbol of courage, perseverance and self-confidence.

Force 10 collection © Fred


Maison Fred is now present in France, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapour, Dubai, Monaco and Australia.

Key figures

  • 1936 Foundation of the Fred jewelry house
  • 1966 Creation of the first Force 10 bracelet
  • 2016 Launch of the Chance Infinie collection