The bold and brightly-colored jewelry creations by Fred are truly outstanding.

Creation date: 1936
Chief Executive Officer of Fred: Charles Leung
Head office: 14, rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris - France


Some people’s destinies are sprinkled with stars, but it was diamonds, pearls and multicoloured stones that studded the destiny of Fred Samuel. Born in 1908 in Argentine into a family dealing in such precious stones, he conceived a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field.

He worked with the finest specimens, particularly those of a creamy-pinkshade now known as ‘FRED-coloured’. This passion was joined by a quest for the sunlight that illuminated his child¬hood in Argentina. Both influences shaped his work, the latter forming a leitmotif, almost becoming his muse. To this source of endless inspiration he added his love of the sea, whose power and splendour gave rise to several celebrated chapters in the Maison’s history.

Today, the Maison FRED honours its founder’s unquestioning love of sun¬light and colour with its sun-infused creations, demonstrating its mastery of personalisation and the sheer ver¬satility of its collections.

Fred Samuel, in front of the Negresco hotel © Fred


One of the Maison’s signature pieces, the Force 10 bracelet was created in 1966 and reflects both contemporary fashion and the maritime influence behind its inception. This surprise encounter of a woven steel sailing cable with a gold buckle goes beyond jewellery, having come to symbolise a sense of freedom and casual elegance.

Force 10 bracelet © Fred


The Maison FRED is offering a unique experience and digital innovation in service of jeweller expertise. For the first time, customers are invited to create their own made-to-measure Force 10 bracelet. Called L’Atelier FRED, this innovative customer experience has its roots deep in the audaciously creative jeweller’s DNA. It represents the last word in luxury, reflecting the founder’s avant-garde spirit that underpinned the originality of his work and his belief in a contemporary, relaxed style of jewellery. Now the jewellery house is taking its forward-looking philosophy a step further and getting even closer to its clients. The blend of cutting-edge digital technology with finely honed jewellery expertise builds on the Force 10’s many existing personalisation options. A first for the world of jewellery, L’Atelier FRED concept breaks new ground in the luxury and retail sectors with over 100,000 different design permutations to choose clients à composer pour la première fois leur bracelet Force 10 sur mesure.

L’Atelier FRED © Fred


Present in France, Japan and South Korea, Fred is developing its international network with the opening of new boutiques in Switzerland, Singapore and China in 2014.
The Fred boutique concept is a warm and welcoming haven which perfectly echoes the Fred philosophy and presents its full range of creations.

Key figures

  • 1936 Foundation of the Fred jewelry house
  • 1966 Creation of the FORCE 10 collection
  • 2016 Launch of the 8°0 collection