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Since 1860, watchmaking pioneer TAG Heuer has been blending technological innovations, high-precision timekeeping and cutting-edge designs to create products whose performance continues to shape the passing of time.

Creation date: 1860
CEO: Jean-Claude Biver
Head office: 6a, rue Louis-Joseph Chevrolet, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds - Switzerland
Website: www.tagheuer.com


1860, Saint-Imier at the very heart of the birthplace of watchmaking. A bold young man decides to found his own watchmaking brand. His name: Edouard Heuer. At the age of just 20, he was to revolutionize the watchmaking industry by breaking away from the established rules. Ever since that time, TAG Heuer’s vocation has been to push back the boundaries and defy convention in order to invent incredible watches and chronographs of extreme precision. The world of TAG Heuer is intimately linked to motor racing and the division of time into infinitely small units, but its aura extends well beyond this arena. TAG Heuer finds expression in other disciplines that share its values, including sports in general, the arts, and music. This allows the brand to fully showcase its heritage and to embody a unique lifestyle. All TAG Heuer ambassadors perfectly reflect the mindset, taste for challenge and risk, and non-conformism encouraged by its founder. They are people who build the legend and share an ability to stand up to pressure, constantly pushing their limits.

TAG Heuer watches and chronographs, an avant-garde design related to sport universe © TAG Heuer


In 2004, TAG Heuer revolutionized watchmaking once more with the Monaco V4, the first watch in the world to feature a belt-drive movement, a linear mass and four barrels set in a square case. Today, this model has become iconic, symbolizing all the savoir-faire and boldness of TAG Heuer.

Monaco V4 Phantom © TAG Heuer


Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and President of the Watches Division of the LVMH group © TAG Heuer

” The heart of TAG Heuer’s profession is to create reliable watches and chronographs with an innovative design, corresponding to the codes of our target market, which is bold, a little rebellious, young, self-confident and already connected to tomorrow’s world. The symbiotic links between our brand and the worlds of motor racing, sports in general, music and the arts reflect TAG Heuer’s deep-rooted values: team spirit, a taste for innovation, challenges and performance.”


Thanks to the combined efforts of engineers, watchmakers, model makers and movement manufacturers, the House movement, the Caliber 1887, was created in 2010.  It is a fitting tribute to the revolutionary oscillating pinion patented by Edouard Heuer in 1887, still used today in the vast majority of mechanical chronographs. 320 components are meticulously assembled by men, women and machines on an ultra-modern semi-automatic production line in the TAG Heuer factory in Chevenez. A veritable model of meticulousness, oiling robots apply a drop of oil measuring one micron to the 33 jewels. In three years, TAG Heuer achieved what many other manufactures take decades to produce. This year, the Swiss watchmaker is developing the Heuer-01. Heuer in honor of the founder, Edouard Heuer, and 01 because it represents the markedly horological development of the Calibre 1887. Its supremely clean design reveals the chronograph controls and the openworked date disc on the dial side. On the case-back, its red column wheel – a bold visual anchor – the skeleton chronograph bridge and black weight also draw the eye into the mechanism.

Calibre 1887 © TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer is extending its distribution network with an address unlike any other. Situated on the most beautiful avenue in the world at 104, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, this new flagship store presents, in its 120 m2, the new retail concept directly inspired by the brand’s new campaign: Don’t Crack Under Pressure.  The red marks recall those of the tires on the circuits, illustrating the direct link between TAG Heuer and the world of motor racing, and give the facade a spark of energy and boldness that goes so well with the state of mind of this new claim/slogan.

Key figures

  • 1/100 The Mikrograph, the 1st counter precise to 1/100 of a second invented in 1916
  • 1887 The oscillating pinion, a revolution used in the movement of chronographs
  • 170 TAG Heuer stores around the world

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