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Château Galoupet
Château Galoupet
Château Galoupet

Château Galoupet

Château Galoupet, a celebration of Nature. An estate spanning 69 hectares of vineyards and 77 hectares of protected woodland overlooking the Golden Isles on the French Riviera. A Cru Classé de Provence certified organic since May 2023. A sanctuary for biodiversity and a model of sustainability, from ground to glass.

Creation date: 1792
CEO: Nadine Fau
Head office: Saint Nicolas, 83250 La Londe-les-Maures


Château Galoupet is a progressive wine estate of 77 hectares of protected woodland and 69 hectares of vineyards, certified organic since May 2023.

The estate was acquired by Moët Hennessy in 2019 – the first Cru Classé in its portfolio – with a clearly defined vision: craft elevated expressions of an exceptional terroir with utmost respect for nature and the environment, from ground to glass. For four years the team has worked closely with a community of experts to restore a rare ecosystem and adapt its viticultural practices to respect the natural balance of the vine in its environment. Home to just one of 12 queen bee fertilization stations in the world, the estate aims to express the full potential of the terroir in a sanctuary for biodiversity while being a lighthouse for sustainability within LVMH, and for environmental practices in the wine industry.

Château Galoupet – 69 hectares of vineyard, 77 hectares of protected woodland © Margot Mchn


After regenerating the estate for almost four years to craft elevated expressions of the terroir, Château Galoupet is thrilled to share its first terroir wines in conversion to organic viticulture: Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021 and Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2022.

Château Galoupet Cru Classé © Margot Mchn


Mathieu Meyer, Estate Director Château Galoupet © Margot Mchn
“The 2022 vintage is a rare expression of a multi-faceted terroir and masterful precision in the winery : a Rosé de Provence crafted with meticulous care that clearly reveals the new direction of the Château Galoupet Cru Classé wine signature. This new addition to the Maison’s portfolio allows for an enlightening vertical tasting with Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé 2021, which is now presenting evolutive notes recognized by wine experts. It is fascinating to see how our wines are evolving.” – Mathieu Meyer, Estate Director

A unique ecosystem

Nature thrives in the Château Galoupet ecosystem and plays a vital role in the vineyard, encompassing the vines and the protected woodland.

The vast array of indigenous flora and fauna that surrounds the vineyard acts as a buffer which protects the vines by absorbing the impact of a changing environment, including strong heat and wind, while the insects deter pests, avoiding the need for chemicals and additional human intervention.

Château Galoupet respects sustainable practices, including agroforestry and cover cropping to protect soil life and support the regeneration of nature.

Château Galoupet, a partnership with Nature © Margot Mchn

Respecting the environment, from soil to glass

Château Galoupet aims to consistently give Nature more than it takes ; through packaging crafted with care, energy-efficient facilities, plot-by-plot management and agroforestry.

Château Galoupet Cru Classé Rosé is presented in an award-winning amber glass bottle made from 80% recycled glass and weighing 499 grams. The wine is crafted from 100% estate-grown grapes and each step in the winemaking process is traceable via a QR code on the label.

Key figures

  • 1955 Château Galoupet listed as a Cru Classé de Provence, one of just 18 in the region
  • 77 ha of protected woodland covering a greater surface than the vineyard
  • 12 different bat species, including some of the rarest in Europe