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Cheval des Andes Cheval des Andes

A ‘Grand Cru’ from Argentina’, Cheval des Andes was born from the encounter of two cultures. It combines the vision and expertise of Château Cheval Blanc with high altitude viticulture in the Mendoza region. Here Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are cultivated under pure and natural conditions in the foothills of the Andes mountains.

Creation date: 1999
CEO: Pierre Lurton
Head office: Thames y Cochabamba , Perdriel Lujan de Cuyo, Provencia de Mendoza - Argentine


Founded in 1999 in one of Argentina’s best renowned regions – Luján de Cuyo in the north of Mendoza – Cheval des Andes spans an exceptional area of ungrafted old Malbec vines blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. This unique terroir, located in the foothills of the Andes cordillera, gives rise to the production of a fresh and elegant Andes grand cru that promises to age well. The “millésime effect” then gives its uniqueness to every vintage. Each grape variety is planted in a carefully-selected terroir so that it can reveal its full potential.

Today, the vision of committed viticulturists, helped by the knowledge of the teams of Château Cheval Blanc, has been achieved through twenty years of daily care in these unique vineyards which now produce a genuine “grand cru” of the Andes.

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Cheval des Andes 2010 is made from a unique blend of three grape varieties: malbec, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot. Each hand-picked grape is fermented in oak barrels for 18 months before being blended. This vintage is defined by its aromatic complexity and elegant tannins; a subtle combination of freshness, balance and ripeness.

Cheval des Andes - 2010 vintage © Cheval des Andes


Pierre Lurton, President of Cheval des Andes © Cheval des Andes

Through the years and over several vintages a certain style has taken shape. Initially meant to be a Bordeaux style wine, it is in fact very Argentine. An Argentine which gallops though time, travelling with elegance. This wine has its own particular character”


As is the case with all ‘grands crus’, Cheval des Andes originates from a great ‘terroir’. But it is also the fruit of precise and meticulous viticulture. The vineyards are managed plot by plot according to the soil, grape variety, age, fertility and other factors in order to produce the very best grapes.

Our team of winegrowers understands, observes and manages each individual vine in order to achieve a ripe and homogenous harvest throughout the vineyard. Always with one vision: Time is an ally for a great wine allowing it to become refined and reach perfection whilst still remaining proud of its roots. As the vision is accomplished, the edges are polished; freshness, balance and complexity become the cornerstones of Cheval des Andes. Its style becomes elegant, blending is perfected and the wine promises to age well.

Harvesting the grapes by hand © Cheval des Andes


Cheval des Andes is a unique concept developed over a long period of time. This is a long-term project. The product of a particular “terroir” with a blend of grape varieties which is unusual in Argentina, it is privy to the expertise of Cheval Blanc and its experienced team. This challenging adventure to search for an exceptional wine is the fruit of human intuition and humility in the face of nature. It has been achieved through the talent of wine growers, ancient practices and the taming of “terroirs”. Whether you taste, drink for enjoyment or age this wine, it will bring pleasure to those who appreciate its uniqueness; a “grand cru” from Argentina which is inspired by a top “grand cru” in Bordeaux, Cheval Blanc. It required 20 years of sweat and toil but now Cheval des Andes is here to stay.

Key figures

  • 47 Number of hectares on the estate
  • 58 % of Malbec in the vineyard of Cheval des Andes in 2020
  • 2019 20th anniversary of Cheval des Andes