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The Cloudy Bay estate in New Zealand produces exceptional wines that reflect the terroir from which they originate. Over the last 30 years, the estate has become a key player on the international wine market.

Creation date: 1985
Estate Director: Yang Shen
Head office: Jacksons Road, 7040 Blenheim Marlborough - New Zealand


Created in 1985 by David Hohnen, founder of the Cape Mentelle estate in Australia, the Cloudy Bay vineyards extend to the mouth of the eponymous bay in New Zealand. This landscape, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Richmond Range mountains, is truly exceptional. Cloudy Bay, one of the first estates to be established in the Marlborough region, has made a huge contribution to making New Zealand one of the great names in “New World” wines. Expressive, refined and fruity, Cloudy Bay wines embody the spirit of the region. Sauvignon blanc is the estate’s flagship grape variety. Its reputation stems from its freshness and finesse. Cloudy Bay also produces a chardonnay, a pinot noir and a delicately sparkling wine, Pelorus. This wonderful variety of wine is a reflection of its diverse terroir.

Cloudy Bay estate vineyards © Cloudy Bay


Considered to be the purest expression of terroir in the Marlborough region, Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc is made from nine different plots of land. Made with grapes that are harvested by hand in cool evening temperatures to preserve their aromas, this wine owes its fruity character to the region's maritime climate.

Bottles of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc © Cloudy Bay


Yang Shen, Estate Director

In Cloudy Bay vineyards & winery, our people treasure the wine with meticulous attention to detail, striving always to enhance the pure, distinctive flavors and stunning vibrancy naturally afforded its Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  By enjoying a glass of Cloudy Bay, you start a journey of purity and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of our terroir.


Opened in 2012, “The Shack” is the new accommodation at Cloudy Bay that is available for some of its guests. Built on the very same site as the wooden house used by the first wine-makers who began working in the region, “The Shack” is inspired by the traditional “bach”, holiday homes made out of wood that are found throughout New Zealand. “A few months after I arrived in Cloudy Bay, the building that stood there before went up in smoke, it was completely destroyed in the fire. And I said to myself:  ‘It’s not such a bad omen’! From the cinders came the idea of rebuilding a new shack in a more contemporary style, that would entrench Cloudy Bay in both the present and the future, while keeping the estate’s history alive,” explains Ian Morden, Estate Director. Surrounded by vineyards, “The Shack” and its vast French windows – designed by the architect Tim Greer – offer a breathtaking view over the Richmond Range mountains.

The Shack, the residence at the Cloudy Bay estate © Cloudy Bay
Exterior view of The Shack © Cloudy Bay


A sense of detail is one of the strengths and values that have contributed to Cloudy Bay making truly exceptional wines. It also involves taking all aspects of wine production into account, including its impact on the environment. That is why sustainable development plays a key role in how the estate is run. Cloudy Bay is firmly committed to implementing good environmental practices into the management of its wine business and in the nurturing of its vineyards, for production that is both integrated and unique.

Key figures

  • 30 the number of countries to which Cloudy Bay wines are exported
  • 310 Number of hectares on the estate
  • 2014 The year in which the 30th Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc vintage was released