Eminente embodies the rebirth of 19th century Cuban rum, elaborated by César Martí the youngest Maestro Ronero (Rum Master) of the island and aged 7 years minimum in white oak barrels.

Creation date: 2020
Head office: 38 rue de Sèvres – 75007 Paris
Website: www.eminente.com/


Eminente is a new Cuban rum from the heart of an island locals call ‘Isla del Cocodrilo’, whose unusual shape resembles that of its native crocodile.

Imagined by César Martí, the youngest Cuban Maestro Ronero (Rum Master), Eminente is a rich and full-bodied rum that draws its inspiration from 19th-century Cuban sugarcane eaux-de-vie, with all their complexity.

The blend of aged aguardientes and light rums creates Cuban rum as we know it. The aguardiente brings the complexity and depth of aromas, while the light rum adds vitality thanks to the strength of the alcohol.

By focusing on these refined aguardientes, Eminente sets new standards with Reserva made with 70% of aged aguardientes, the highest proportions among all Cuban Rums.

Eminente Reserva, the rebirth of 19th century Cuban rum © Eminente


Ideal for sipping on its own, over a large ice cube or in cocktails, Eminente Reserva possesses the aesthetics of a traditional Cuban light rum but with the complexity and depth of a very old one. Eminente Reserva is at once intense and delicate on the nose. Full-bodied and incredibly deep, the palate is rich with vanilla and smoky notes, coffee and raspadura which is the taste of unrefined sugar cane.

Eminente Reserva © Eminente


César Martí : Maestro Ronero (Rum Master) © Eminente

César Martí is one of the island’s ten Maestros Roneros. Growing up in sugarcane fields that stretched “as far as the eye could see”, he learnt his craft from his grandparents and maternal family who, having worked in the sugar industry.

For him, Eminente was the opportunity to renew the traditional aguardientes and rums from the XIX century in Cuba.

Key figures

  • 3,000 endemic species of fauna and flora
  • 2020 launch of eminente
  • 120 different types of sugar cane