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Based near the town of Tain in north-east Scotland, the Glenmorangie Distillery creates Glenmorangie single malt whisky which has a reputation that has spread far beyond the borders of its native land.

Creation date: 1843
President & CEO: Caspar MacRae
Head office: The Glenmorangie Company, The Cube, 45 Leith St, Edinburgh, EH1 3AT - Scotland


Glenmorangie single malt whisky has been produced in the Scottish Highlands since 1843, when farmer William Matheson and his wife Anne followed their dreams and founded the Glenmorangie Distillery. Considered a pioneer in its field, the Scottish Distillery has become famous for combining tradition and innovation to create the most delicious whiskies. To achieve this, Glenmorangie single malt whisky is created by the people of Tain with a unique distillation process that uses the tallest stills in Scotland. Expertly matured in only the finest oak casks, the resulting single malt is testament to the savoir-faire that has been passed down from generation to generation by a team of expert craftsmen and women.

Glenmorangie’s Tallest stills in Scotland © Glenmorangie


The same height as a giraffe, Glenmorangie’s stills allow more space for taste and aroma, making the spirit delicate and fruity. But the giraffe faces serious threats in the wild, from poaching to habitat loss. To play its part in helping the giraffe, in 2020 Glenmorangie forged a conservation partnership with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Giraffe © Glenmorangie


Glenmorangie Dr Bill Lumsden, Director of Whisky Creation © Glenmorangie
“ Though a bio-chemist by training, I believe it takes both art and science to craft the finest whiskies and I regularly travel the world seeking inspiration for future expressions of Glenmorangie. I am passionate about all areas of whisky making, but especially the importance of wood management, sourcing casks from intriguing vineyards around the world to complement the extra maturation of Glenmorangie which bring new and unique characteristics all of their own.”


The Glenmorangie Distillery’s expertise has developed over the last 175 years, passed down by each generation with unwavering commitment to excellence and the development of innovative techniques in whisky making and maturation. With perfection always in mind, the House uses mineral-rich Tarlogie Spring water and carefully chosen Scottish barley in its production.  Glenmorangie is distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, with copper necks that are 5.14 metres high, so that only the lightest and purest vapors are captured for maturation, producing a smooth, elegant, delicious single malt whisky.
Tarlogie Springs © Glenmorangie
Tarlogie Springs © Glenmorangie


Glenmorangie’s Lighthouse innovation distillery sits in the heart of the Glenmorangie distillery, looking out over the Dornoch Firth, with its towering 20m-high glass stillhouse a new landmark for the historic site. Opened in 2020 and designed by Barthélémy Griño Architects, Glenmorangie’s Lighthouse enables its whisky creators to control all parts of distilling, varying the character of its spirit as never before. It gives them the freedom to create one-off small batch whiskies, experiment with recipes for new permanent single malts and do much, much more.

Key figures

  • 5,14 M height of Glenmorangie Stills
  • 140 aromas found in Glenmorangie Original
  • 57° 49’ N latitude of the distillery, further north than Moscow

Drink responsibly.

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