Governance & SRI

Luxury is born from invention and the hand of man. It works to exalt nature in its purest and most beautiful form. Sustainable development is inseparable from LVMH’s strategy.

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The priority objectives of the Board of Directors, the strategic body of LVMH, are to increase the value of the company and defend its social interest. Its principal missions are to adopt the major strategies of the company and the Group, monitor the implementation of those strategies, verify the fair and accurate presentation of information about the company and the Group, and protect its corporate assets.

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Board of Directors
> Executive Committee
> Charter of the Board of Directors
> Bylaws
> Internal rules of the Performance audit committee
> Internal rules of the Nominations and compensation committee
> Internal rules of procedure of the Ethics and sustainable development committee

Disclosure of regulated related-party agreements pursuant to Article L.225-20-2 of the French Commercial Code
> Agreement between LVMH and Sophie Chassat

Key figures

  • 71% of women
  • 1,325 social and/or environmental audits
  • 93% of waste recovered

Non-financial rating agencies

LVMH remains committed to making progress on and working each day to find better solutions to the many environmental and social challenges we and our industry face.

LVMH responds to certain questionnaires from non financial rating agencies which are independant and where there is no possible conflict of interest, either real or perceived.

LVMH does not participate in questionnaires that require financial contributions.

LVMH has had a long commitment to protecting the environment and will continue to do so.

All information and related figures are available in the 2020 Universal Registration Document, the 2020 Annual report, the 2020 Social and Environmental Responsibility report.