24S spotlights women who contribute to its success to mark International Women’s Day

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In conjunction with International Women’s Day, the international multibrand online luxury shopping site 24S celebrates five inspiring women behind the scenes who contribute to its success. 

In this series of interviews, Amélie, Claire, Cléa, Greta and Jihane — respectively Womenswear Buyer, Product Owner, Communications & PR Manager, Customer Service Manager and Quality Assurance Engineer — talk about the things they’re proud of, what makes them happy at work, and people who inspire them. The conversations offer a look at the vast diversity of métiers at 24S, bridging fashion and tech. Through their ideals and motivations they are emblematic of the Parisian Woman in 2023.

In spotlighting their answers, 24S reaffirms its commitment to an inclusive environment where women can thrive in their careers.