Acqua di Parma Yellow Café: Italian Maison comes to Seoul

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Italian Maison Acqua Di Parma has brought its Italian heritage and Milanese creativity to Seoul with the Acqua di Parma Yellow Café. The design by Dorothée Meilichzon fuses Italian charm with the dynamic spirit of Seoul.  

Located at Lotte Avenuel Jamsil B1F, Acqua di Parma Yellow Café is much more than a café, proposing an immersion into the Maison’s unique aesthetic and heritage.   

“Designing the Acqua di Parma space in Korea was an exploration of cultural synthesis and vibrant aesthetics. My vision was to build bridges that connect the architectural heritage of Italy, particularly Milanese design, with the dynamic spirit of Korea, especially Seoul. I drew inspiration from the Memphis movement, while paying homage to giant monuments, white stone, arches, vaults, and porticos that speak of timeless beauty. They are all coming together to create a space that is as much a cultural dialogue as it is a design statement,” says the designer Meilichzon.