Bulgari presents Mediterranea collection, a journey through history, culture and beauty

Watches & Jewelry


Bulgari has chosen Venice to host its annual brand event and unveil its new High-Jewelry and High-End Watch collection, Mediterranea. The choice of the Serenissima is a tribute to the city’s role as a guardian of Byzantine culture, a symbol of openness to different cultures, bringing together distant universes and inspirations. Over the centuries Venice served as the crossroads of Mediterranean influences, a privileged stage for myriad encounters and exchanges, perfectly embodying the eclectic ethos of the collection.

Born from audacious creativity and exceptional craftsmanship, the collection is a kaleidoscope of unprecedented jewelry creations, translating multifaceted suggestions collected through time and space. With Mediterranea, Bulgari showcases the pinnacle of High-Jewelry, retracing and imaginary trip across the Mediterranean Sea, the unique cradle of civilization, an inexhaustible source of inspiration layering multiple arts, traditions and crafts.

This High Jewelry collection is an homage to the Mediterranean beauty and essence in all its forms. For me, being in the Mediterranean region is an awakening of all senses, and a real inspirational experience. The architecture, the nature, the people, I am eyeing beauty everywhere. Is an inspiring melting pot, where many different cultures and societies have mingled and enriched each other over centuries. Our hospitality and open-mindedness are rooted in this history.” — Lucia Silvestri Bulgari Jewelry Creative Director

With Mediterranea, Bulgari unveil its new high jewellery and high end watches collections by embarking on an epic and immersive journey that starts from Rome, the eternal city and permanent source of creative inspiration for Bulgari, to Venice, the major crossroad of Mediterranean influences where the Roman Byzantine Empire fused with the Roman Western Empire to give birth to inclusive and unrivalled arts and architecture. With great honour we celebrate the vision of the founder Sotirio Bulgari with magnificent creations that represent the pinnacle of Bulgari identity made of audacious creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. Offering to our guests the most extraordinary locations of the City together with pioneering AI driven interactive experiences further enhancing the beauty and emotions created by 2023 collection establishing a new milestone in extraordinary goldsmithing and gems expertise.” — Jean-Christophe Babin, Président-directeur general de Bulgari.

With a stunning exhibition in the heart of the mythic Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, the Roman jeweler shares a rich and captivating aesthetic bridging three distinctive worlds, each associated with a specific color palette. Cross-pollination, eclecticism and syncretism infuse the Mediterranea collection in a captivating blend of inspirations connecting Eastern and Western cultures, Byzantine and Roman vibes, along with references to North African spices and the sumptuous Baroque ambiance of southern Italy.