Dior haute couture Fall-Winter 2024 : A contemporary ode to goddesses of Antiquity

Fashion & Leather Goods


Maria Grazia Chiuri – Dior Artistic Director for Women’s Collections – created a haute couture collection where past and heritage are integrated in every beat of the present. The set by artist Marta Roberti, whose practice celebrates goddesses, transformed the catwalk into an art gallery as the défilé channeled the founding aesthetic of Antiquity.

In a stunning show of virtuosity, the creations express an ideal of perfected refinement for sartorial elements that can be termed archetypal: the tunic, the peplum, the cape and the stole.

Vertical silhouettes, flat shoes. The colors selected were white, beige, silver and pale gold. Jackets and coats are structured by the folds beneath the chest, evoking classical statues and the fluting of columns. Pearls, symbols of purity, are featured in numerous embroideries. Intertwined with silver threads, they glimmer iridescently. The shimmering textures of the sixties enjoy a revival, embellishing long skirts and dresses. Wool and cashmere occupy a key place. A cape evocative of a holy garment, sometimes embroidered, enhances a variety of outfits. Pleating plays a leading role, notably present on the sleeves of men’s jackets.

The collection illustrates the strength and fragility of femininity, offering a guide towards a vision of the future endowed with sensitivity and essential attention to detail.