Guerlain Master Class in Orphin with LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence



Apprentices in the 2017/18 class of the LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence all attended a Master Class on March 9 at Guerlain’s fragrances production site in Orphin, near Paris. The theme was the Bee, the historic symbol of Maison Guerlain. The apprentices discovered Guerlain’s rich heritage, along with the different steps in fragrance production, and had a chance to share experience with other students learning different métiers at the IME.

Maison Guerlain invited the entire class of 2017/18 from the LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence in France for a day-long Master Class on March 9, immersing them in its Orphin fragrances production site. Apprentices from seven different training tracks attended, representing the IME’s French partners schools (Avize Viti Campus, EIML Paris, EMASUP Paris, Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France, Ecole Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Haute Ecole de Joaillerie and Ecole Duperré – Sorbonne Nouvelle).

During this day of discovery the LVMH IME apprentices had a chance to learn about the different steps in producing fragrances that are 100% Made in France, guided by Thierry Wasser, Guerlain Nose and Master Perfumer since 2008. The visit covered everything from the transformation of raw materials to bottling and the artisanal expertise of the Dames de Table, who put the exquisite finishing touches on the bottles by hand. During workshops the apprentices also immersed themselves in the Guerlain universe, including an olfactory workshop led by Paulo Dinis, head of fragrance production, and a museum workshop with Guerlain heritage director Elisabeth Sirot.

To prepare for the Master Class, Guerlain asked the apprentices to interpret its historic Bee symbol. During the afternoon the students presented their creations from the perspective of the skills they are learning: leather goods, retail, couture tailleur and couture flou, mode and design, client advisor, and vineyards and winemaking. Creativity and enthusiasm were abundant throughout the day as the students shared the rich savoir-faire of their respective métiers. Guerlain human resources director Emmanuelle Greth was delighted with the results:  “You could really see in their ideas their ability to understand the universe of Maison Guerlain, our different codes, which they beautifully interpreted in their different areas of expertise.”