Guerlain teams with Moynat to design unique trunk for its Bespoke fragrance

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Emblematic of a heritage imbued with excellence and a pioneering spirit, Guerlain and Moynat will create a unique trunk for Guerlain’s Bespoke fragrance offering, revealing  an exceptional interpretation of luxury.  

Guerlain has since its creation pursued a quest for the exceptional and singularity. The Maison was the first to have brought bespoke creations – traditionally the reserve of haute couture and high jewelry – to perfumes. Bespoke fragrances from Guerlain spring from an alchemy between profoundly personal inspirations and the creative genius of the Maison’s Master Perfumer.   

To honor this vision of bespoke, Guerlain asked Moynat to craft a unique trunk, specially designed to hold the Guerlain Bespoke fragrance. Crafted in the finest quality materials, carefully chosen for their durability and aesthetic, the trunk features a co-branded coated canvas, a finely worked black leather handle, ornamental brass hinges on the outside and a delicate alcantara lining.  Nestled inside is a one-liter Bee Bottle containing the unique Bespoke perfume. On either side are drawers, like small safes to protect bottles in other sizes and accessories. 

With this collaboration, Guerlain and Moynat embody a singular art de vivre, an unforgettable experience that resonates with the excellence that defines the two iconic Maisons.