Heristoria and Fred present “A Touch of Fred”, the first single-house capsule



For the first time since its creation, Heristoria is dedicating a capsule collection to a single LVMH house, Maison Fred.  

The  Fred by Heristoria capsule, “A Touch of Fred”, is a selection of vintage pieces that have been meticulously curated by the Maison’s heritage team. The collection is a deep dive into the history of Fred, bringing aficionados a unique chance to treat themselves not only an exceptional object, but also the story behind it.  


“A Touch of Fred” unfolds around three themes that express the jeweler’s bold creativity: Bold Designs, Force 10 and Collectibles. Bold Designs spotlights the refined craftsmanship around precious gemstones and gold, featuring a high jewelry Inca bracelet. Designed for both women and men, the Force 10 collection presents a necklace, earrings, a ring and a vintage bracelet from the 1970s, the very first design in the emblematic line. And the Collectibles selection proposes precious keepsakes from Fred, including exceptional watches and accessories. 

“We’re deeply touched by the confidence of a house that holds a special place in the heart of Heristoria and in the creation of our platform. Fred were the first to believe in this LVMH intrapreneurial venture, and their confidence and avant-garde vision enabled us to lay the cornerstone. We cannot thank Fred enough. By sharing their precious heritage they enable us to illuminate moments of happiness, past, present and future,” said Heristoria CEO Gérosine Henriot, CEO Heristoria.