“It’s everyone’s business” series goes to the heart of Diversity & Inclusion at LVMH



In a new series of inspiring and moving portraits of the Group’s talented people, LVMH presents its vision of a corporate culture that is “diverse by essence and inclusive by choice”. It’s Everyone’s Business is a compelling series of first-person accounts that spotlight how the Group supports the professional and sometimes personal growth of its employees, regardless of their background and differences. Because it really is everyone’s business! 

LVMH’s workforce counts more than 190 nationalities and people from 4 generations in over 80 countries. The Group is by definition multicultural. LVMH views this diversity and cross-fertilization of perspectives as a tremendous source of creativity and performance.

Through the prism of diversity, inclusion and equity, each story in the series invites viewers to share a very personal experience, including the expertise and engagement with the world people have acquired through working at LVMH. These powerful and positive voices resonate with all the members of LVMH.

Episode 11: “I grew up in an environment where I saw a lot of unfair treatment. Maybe this is one of the reasons I’m so passionate about gender diversity.”  

In this episode, Yoyo Chung, Senior Director, Executive Development & Learning at LVMH, talks about her passion for gender diversity issues and explains how she utilizes her personal experience, skills and strengths to help women develop their skills, promote themselves and become more confident. She developed a program to support the career growth of female leaders and notes that LVMH supports women in their professional development and prepares them to play a global role at headquarters.

Episode 10: “Diversity is an essential value in my career and something I value. I apply it myself, I have a very diverse team. It enables the creation of new products, but above all it allows us to see communication from a new angle.” 

In this episode, Olivier Hann, Marketing Director of skincare and spas for Maison Dior, shares with us his approach and vision of diversity within his team at Dior. He looks back on his personal journey, openly broaching the subject of his homosexuality. Olivier insists that diversity is a fundamental value in his career, which he takes care to apply by ensuring that he has a very diverse team, enabling him to generate new products and think about communication from a different perspective. 

Episode 9: “Diversity is a fact – we are all different. Inclusion is a voluntary act.” – Mohamed Marfouk 

In this latest episode, LVMH Group Operations Director Mohamed Marfouk shares his experience with diversity and talks about his path since his childhood in Morocco. He explains that embracing differences, whether cultural or physical, is an asset for a business, and stresses the importance of having teams that comprise people with multiple backgrounds and sensibilities, especially in a group such as LVMH.   

Episode 8: “I have a position that allows me to be heard and promote this change” – Sarah Curtis Henry 

As an African-American woman, Sarah Curtis Henry quickly became aware of her differences and the existing divisions in society. Today, as the Chief Commercial Officer for North America at Parfums Christian Dior, she shares in this episode how her position enables her to bring her unique perspective and speak effectively to an increasingly diverse consumer base. 

Episode 7: “It’s not about stressing in what way you are different. It’s more about creating connections between people rather than being isolated” Danni Yang 

Danni Yang, Retail Management Trainee at Louis Vuitton, recounts how the Group’s reverse mentoring program helps achieve greater equity in the company by encouraging people to share their views, regardless of their position. With her Chinese cultural background, Danni talks about how the sense of diversity she feels at LVMH has helped her express herself as a person, and not simply within the framework of her origins and culture. 

Episode 6: “The job makes us grow as people, thanks to those encounters” – Charlotte Puissant 

In our latest episode, Charlotte Puissant, previously Head Housekeeper at Cheval Blanc Courchevel and currently Directrice des Appartements at Cheval Blanc Paris, recounts how the vast diversity of origins among both staff and guests makes each day a moment of sharing and transmission around the discovery of other cultures. Charlotte emphasizes that this métier is tremendously enriching from a human perspective and brings her an open-minded ethos that she shares each day with her family as well. 

Episode 5: “I knew that I had to find a place where I felt like I could belong and call home” – Randy Baran

Randy Baran, Talent, Development and Engagement Manager at Christian Dior Couture Americas talks about the struggles of people belonging to the LGBTQ+ community and the Group’s role in advancing their rights. Having joined LVMH in 2017, he looks back on his first participation in a Pride march wearing the Group’s colors, an event that helps give greater visibility to LVMH’s inclusive culture.

Episode 4: “My father and grandfather gave me this love of the land” — Toni El Khawand

In a new episode, Château d’Yquem Cellar Master Toni El Khawand talks about “the power of transmission” and “respect for traditions”. Born and raised on Lebanon, Toni shares his special relationship with his grandfather, who imparted to him a deep love of the land. He discusses how this relationship has informed his métier, leading him to forge great respect for the traditions and unique savoir-faire that define Bordeaux.

Épisode 3 : “Your name is something important. You should defend it.” — Pareesa Nikpourfard 

In this episode, Pareesa Nikpourfard, Senior Director, Talent Development & Engagement at Dior in New York, recounts how a single event changed her perception of her difference. A first-generation Iranian immigrant to the United States, she learned to embrace her culture in a new environment, helping her become someone with considerable kindness and empathy, qualities she draws on each day in engaging with the people she works with.

Episode 2: “I wanted to meet women that I could identify with.” — Léa Baudin

Léa joined Guerlain and the LVMH Group in 2013. A few years later she was a winner of the DARE intrapreneurial program with the idea for SHERO, an internal women’s empowerment platform. Now Head of Marketing Director at Benefit, France, she talks about her personal and professional growth at a Group which values the individuality of its people.

Episode 1: “You can’t be what you can’t see” — Rodney Pratt

Chief Legal Officer of LVMH North America, Rodney stresses the importance of representation. He recounts how his path continues to influence his day-to-day decisions and enables him to be a committed actor in change in the community and beyond.