Jeweler Repossi celebrates tenth anniversary of Antifer collection with art gallery Amélie, Maison d’Art

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Repossi has asked gallery owner Amélie du Chalard to curate a truly exceptional art collection to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the jeweler’s Antifer collection, which has become an icon of High Jewelry. Inspired by contemporary art and architecture, both deeply rooted in Repossi’s DNA, the collection features radical minimalist lines and sharp angles, elevated by a contrast between full and empty spaces to create complete harmony. Antifer is one of the three pillars of the Repossi brand, alongside the Serti sur Vide and Berbere collections.

To mark this anniversary, the Place Vendôme jeweler teamed with Amélie du Chalard, who invited six artists to create five original works that resonate with Antifer. Known for challenging the traditional codes of the art world, the Parisian art gallery conceived a dialogue between the collection and the artists, whose practices span sculpture, engraving and photography.

Antifer has something of a leaf, a drop of water, a mountain. In its multiplication it becomes an artifact, a delicate mechanism. The jewel reveals itself in its accumulation. […] The six artists – three women and three men – were chosen for the originality of their techniques and the richness of the materials and media employed – paper, slate, textiles, bronze, ceramics and photography. This diversity offers tremendously varied and relevant interpretations of the famous angle, which is neither completely pointed nor completely curved. The works not only highlight this angle, they also pay homage to the rigor, minimalism and purity of Antifer.”  — Amélie du Chalard.

Each in their own manner, visual artist Florence Grundeler, sculptor Victoire d’Harcourt, photographer François Kenesi, sculptor Michel Kirsch, visual artist Marine Vu and ceramist Guido de Zan celebrate ten years of creativity around Antifer. One piece by each artist is being added to Repossi’s personal collection. All the other works created have been exhibited since July 6 at the Amélie, Maison d’Art gallery. This collaboration resonates with the genes of the avant-garde jewelry house, which has always fused artistic inspirations with superb savoir-faire.

Repossi is celebrating the bold union of art and jewelry by teaming up with Amélie Maison d’Art, renowned for its artistic plurality, ranging from sculpture to painting and photography. In this collaboration, talented artists have drawn inspiration from our Antifer collection, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary, turning the traditional creative metronome on its head. The jewelry becomes a source of inspiration for these artists. This collaboration gives rise to works that transcend the boundaries of art and jewelry, offering a new perspective of the artistic dimension of Antifer.” — Anne de Vergeron, CEO of Repossi


For a virtual visit of the gallery click here.