La Grande Epicerie de Paris crosses the Seine with new Right Bank store

Selective retailing


La Grande Epicerie de Paris, the ultimate in Paris gourmet food stores on the Left Bank, is crossing the Seine for the first time with a new Right Bank food emporium on the bustling rue de Passy! With a vast selection of exceptional products on four levels, this new fine foods address welcomes all the culinary métiers that make La Grande Epicerie unique.

Selective, generous, authentic and superb quality all define La Grande Epicerie de Paris. This same philosophy inspires La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite on Paris’ Right Bank, a new address that features the finest gourmet foods, from everyday fare to sophisticated delights, as well as the exceptional savoir-faire that goes into different culinary métiers. With 2,800 square meters of floorspace over four levels, the store boasts some 30,000 different products.

The visual and tasting experience at La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite begins right at the entrance with two green facades – planted with thyme, rosemary, mint and more – one on rue de Passy, the other on avenue Paul Doumer.

The « tablettothèque » / © AAR

The lower level offers wines, cheeses and hams, while the ground floor is home to market-fresh fruits and vegetables. Level one showcases gourmet foods, including the “tablettothèque”, a library of chocolates from around the world, as well as a tea and coffee tasting bar. There is a special luxury section that features a selection of wild salmon and caviar from seven different producers. For the restaurant under the cupola – with over 2,300 glass prisms – La Grande Epicerie Rive Droite has called on talented chef Beatriz Gonzalez, who has two Paris restaurants.

Patrice Wagner, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Le Bon Marché group and Michael Burke, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Louis Vuitton / © Romain Mayoussier

The new store emphasizes refined architecture as well. Specialist living heritage enterprises were selected for their traditional artisanal skills and use of noble materials such as glass prisms, bricks for the vaulted cellar, marquetry and stone floors, and faience tiles. Figurative frescoes and ceramic mosaics mark and decorate the different culinary métiers: pastry, bakery, deli and fine cuisine.

With La Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite, food lovers now have a Right Bank address that is every bit as delectable as its sister store on the Left Bank!