La Grande Épicerie de Paris fetes a century of passion for gastronomy

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La Grande Épicerie de Paris, the legendary gourmet institution created in 1923, is much more than a fine foods emporium, it is a vibrant tribute to French gastronomy, delectable culinary delights, savoir-faire and the best products from France’s exceptional terroirs. La Grande Épicerie de Paris is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year from September 29 until October 29. 

Initially a simple counter, it began as a discreet “gourmet corner” in Le Bon Marché department store. It quickly expanded into a full-fledged food market and was officially named “La Grande Épicerie de Paris” in 1979. The store has since continually grown, including the opening of a second store across the Seine in 2017 on Rue de Passy. Today the Grande Épicerie de Paris offers over 30,000 products, counts 550 employees – with 80 artisans in its ateliers on rue de Sèvres – and welcomes over 1.3 million visitors on average each year. 

La Grande Épicerie de Paris is above all centered on the art of curating the very best products, unearthing rare finds, and forging partnerships with historic houses while also giving young brands a chance to shine. The store has become a veritable icon while retaining the convivial atmosphere of a Paris market. Time-honored artisanal savoir-faire is joined by sustainably-sourced and fair trade products.  

To celebrate its first century, La Grande Épicerie de Paris has concocted a complete menu of extraordinary flavors. Over 40 unique products are featured in the store for the event, including a rare and exceptional 1923 Château d’Yquem sauternes wine. 

Celebrations around the 100th anniversary of the Grande Épicerie continue through October 29th at both stores, Rue de Sèvres and Rue de Passy.