Louis Vuitton family home presents Malle Courrier exhibition

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The Vuitton family house in Asnières is at the same time home to a manufacturing workshop and an exhibition space featuring pieces from the Louis Vuitton archives. From May 23 through February 17, 2024, the latest exhibition features the Malle Courrier, emblematic of the Maison’s unique savoir-faire.

 The historic heart of Louis Vuitton, the family home in Asnières was originally chosen so the company’s workshop would be close to the docks along the Seine northwest of Paris, facilitating delivery of the materials needed to make its trunks. The same sounds continue to resonate at the site today, evoking a passion for craft and a desire to share unique stories with visitors. Inspired by the flat trunk which Louis Vuitton designed in 1858, the Malle Courrier was patented in 1867. The initial version had a poplar wood frame covered with Grey Trianon Canvas, rendering it both lightweight and waterproof. The easy to handle shape was perfectly matched to the nascent revolution in transportation. Indeed the name, “Malle Courrier” evokes “long haul” journeys by train or boat. The Malle Courrier embodies the very essence of Louis Vuitton savoir-faire with lozine, protective metal corners, rivets, locks, buckles, casework, leather handles and myriad exquisite details that are codes of modern luxury. The front of the trunk is fitted with two beech wood slats, expressing a timeless heritage. The Malle Courrier continues to inspire an adventurous ethos thanks to infinite iterations in the true spirit of travel.

The free exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Prior online registration is required for admission: https://la-galerie-louisvuitton.seetickets.com/timeslot/malles-courrier?lang=fr-FR