Louis Vuitton & People For Wildlife: a major environmental partnership for biodiversity

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Louis Vuitton is joining forces with the conservation charity People For Wildlife in a five-year partnership to maintain and improve biodiversity in a richly diverse natural habitat in Australia. Aligned with its “Our Committed Journey” sustainable development roadmap, Louis Vuitton is deepening its longstanding commitment to preserve natural resources and act on climate change.

Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, Australia, consists of large areas of tropical forests, woodlands, freshwater ecosystems and coastlines, and is home to some of the richest biodiversity in the world. However, the plants, animals, and uniquely balanced ecosystems are facing threats like climate change and fire. . Louis Vuitton has thus stepped up to support scientific research and sustainable land management initiatives  led by People For Wildlife, in partnership with local communities, to help better understand and reverse biodiversity decline. Louis Vuitton has worked closely for years with People For Wildlife’s founder, Dr. Daniel Natusch, a conservation science expert. Having a long involvement with research in Cape York, Dr. Natusch then created People For Wildlife in 2020.
When looking at how to scale-up its global contribution this charity was a natural choice given the many environmental values shared and the opportunity to better understand the sustainable use of nature-based materials, which are the essence of luxury goods making.

The five-year environmental partnership will help maintain and improve biodiversity in a 400,000-hectare area on the Cape York Peninsula. People For Wildlife will manage and coordinate scientific field research and conservation activities in close collaboration with local communities. Priorities for this ambitious program center on the preservation of flora and fauna, management of invasive species, as well as positive economic impact for local communities. The project is part of Louis Vuitton’s concrete contributions to the goals of LVMH’s LIFE360 (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) roadmap, including the restoration of five million hectares of flora and fauna habitat by 2030, as well as the UN Biodiversity Conference Agreement (COP-15), which calls for 30% of the planet’s land to be protected by the same year.