LVMH commits and preserves its 280 Métiers d’Excellence

With an exceptional event, LVMH commits and preserves its 280 Métiers d’Excellence through an ambitious program to promote these promising careers for young people.

At a time when 10,000 jobs in the craft professions are unable to be filled each year in France[1], LVMH marked its commitment to these professions at its inaugural “SHOW ME” event bringing together LVMH Virtuosos and apprentices from all its Maisons in the extraordinary Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in Paris. At this event, the Group announced plans for nearly 8,000 recruitments in 2022 under its Métiers d’Excellence program and unveiled its new objectives as well as its initiatives in continued support and promotion of exceptional skills and expertise in creation, craftsmanship and the customer experience, together with its commitment to provide access to these professions for the largest possible number of applicants.

The “SHOW ME” event offered the opportunity to highlight the 80,000 employees of the 280 Métiers d’Excellence representing those skills and expertise, the widest variety of these professions in the world, all companies combined.

This celebration is in keeping with the commitments of the “WE for ME” (“Worldwide Engagements for Métiers d’Excellence”) agreement, signed last July by LVMH, which had already set out the Group’s commitment to supporting and promoting these professions.

“Nothing could be more essential to LVMH than the Métiers d’Excellence. The success of all our Maisons is built on this living heritage. It is vitally important that we encourage a shift in perceptions among younger generations concerning these exceptional professions, because they are truly meaningful and because they are perfect avenues to build excellent careers. More than 30,000 recruitments are planned as part of the Group’s vision for the future between now and the end of 2024, including about 8,000 in 2022.”, said Chantal Gaemperle, EVP Human Resources and Synergies of LVMH group.


The LVMH Métiers d’Excellence’s commitment is structured around the following key objectives over the coming years:

Raising awareness beginning in middle school:

  • With its “Excellent!” program, the Group helps middle school students in France discover these professions requiring singular skills and expertise to shift their perceptions and inspire them to consider pursuing them.
  • With its Village des Métiers d’Excellence event, the Group offers more than 400 apprenticeships at its Maisons to young students and those interested in retraining in a new profession. This fair also provides an opportunity to speak with experts from the Group’s Maisons and its partner schools as well as to prepare for the various key steps in the recruitment process.

Educating and passing on skills

  • Since 2014, under the aegis of the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME), over 1,400 apprentices have been trained in these professions either at one of the 24 partner schools or at one of the 39 LVMH Maisons. Today, IME is present in six countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, and most recently Germany).
  • 18 of the Group’s Maisons have already developed their own in-house training schools, including Louis Vuitton’s École des Savoir-Faire Maroquiniers, Sephora University, and Loro Piana’s Académie de l’Art des Métiers. In all, nearly 3,000 people are trained in this way by the Group each year around the world.

Vocational training

  • With its new Métiers d’Excellence (ME) Academy program, LVMH offers trainings to its employees in these exceptional professions over the course of their entire professional careers. The programs set up by the Maisons aim to develop skills, but also to encourage innovation in these professions. Several programs have already debuted this year at the Maisons: a distance selling program with the Samaritaine department store and a sourcing skills development program at Louis Vuitton.

Honoring talent

  • To give due recognition to its most talented people, the Group has also set up the
    “Les Virtuoses LVMH” (LVMH Virtuosos) program with the aim of identifying its most eminent practitioners in these exceptional professions. Each year, the Maisons will select one of their employees who will benefit from a specific mentoring program to further develop their skills.

Supporting expertise beyond the Group

The Group has also forged partnerships and launched collaborative initiatives in this area:

  • La Fabrique NOMADE is a nonprofit backed by LVMH that enables passionate refugee and migrant artisans to take up their professions again upon arriving in France, to ensure that their migration does not lead to a long hiatus in their professional careers. This year, the first collaboration between the nonprofit’s artisans and an artist, Jérémy Gobé, long committed to the protection of coral reefs, is an additional initiative to spur dialogue between artists and artisans. Their resulting piece, entitled Conversations Ex Situ, will be exhibited at FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) from October 21 to 24 in Paris.
  • The Prix des Artisanes aims to recognize and raise the profile of talented women working in exceptional professions in the fields of fashion, design, wines and spirits and the preservation of French heritage.

These prizes were created by the magazines Elle, Elle à Table and Elle Décoration and the LVMH group, with the support of the Institut National des Métiers d’Art and the Chambre des Métiers de l’Artisanat.

About the “SHOW ME” event

The event held on Tuesday, October 19 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées (15 avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris) reflected LVMH’s mission to protect and support Métiers d’Excellence (ME) for the years to come.

“SHOW ME” was comprised of two acts. Act 1, from the stage, aimed to show all the value of Métiers d’Excellence through the experiences of selected members of the Group’s community of talent (artisans, designers, sales associates and executives). Act 2, in the spaces adjoining the main theater, offered an itinerary of demonstrations of skills and expertise by current apprentices enrolled in the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME) program, artisans, LVMH Virtuosos, and external partners such as La Fabrique NOMADE and Prix des Artisanes prizewinners.

A new approach to the traditional ceremony for the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence program, “SHOW ME” celebrated not only apprentices, but broadened the focus to include the Group’s entire community of talent working in creation, craftsmanship and the customer experience, across all generations.

A dozen speakers took the floor, including Élisabeth Borne, the French Minister of Labor, Employment and Economic Inclusion, Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH group, Chantal Gaemperle, EVP Human Resources and Synergies of LVMH group, but also Nicolas Ghesquière, Artistic Director of Women’s Collections at Louis Vuitton, along with several artisans, apprentices and LVMH Virtuosos.

To illustrate the Group’s commitment to support Métiers d’Excellence, each speaker offered his or her personal perspective on these professions to promote their importance as drivers for passing on skills and preserving traditions, but also to foster economic inclusion as well as local and regional economic development.

A new “SHOW ME” event, putting the spotlight on the professions, skills and expertise of the Group’s Maisons in Italy will be held in Florence on November 19.

Key figures and highlights

The Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME) program in 2021

  • 99% of apprentices received the IME diploma and 91% received its certificate of excellence
  • Job placement rate of 75% in exceptional professions and 61% at the Group’s Maisons and their partners
  • 27 professions, 34 training programs, 39 Group Maisons taking part in the IME program across six countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany)
  • 1,400 apprentices trained since 2014

New IME class for 2021–2022

  • 339 new apprentices
  • New apprentices range in age from 16 to 60 (with an average age of 23)
  • 72% women
  • 68% under 25
  • 35% in retraining


  • 120 middle school students reached this year at four schools in Clichy-sous-Bois
    and Montfermeil.

Sixth edition of the Village des Métiers d’Excellence

  • 400 apprenticeship contracts in Métiers d’Excellence (ME) offered between March and
    April 2021

LVMH Virtuosos

  • 66 Virtuosos in the world, including 38 in France
  • 34 artisans, 15 creatives, 17 in customer experience
  • Ages ranging from 31 to retirement

Métiers d’Excellence

  • 80,000 employees worldwide, including 20,000 artisans
  • 8% women
  • 30,000 recruitments between now and the end of 2024, including around 8,000 in 2022
  • 10 workshops opened in France since 2015 by the Group’s Maisons
  • 18 in-house schools at the Group’s Maisons training nearly 3,000 employees each year

Nearly 10% of artisans at the Group’s Maisons are in training.

[1] Source: Comité Colbert


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