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Perfumes & Cosmetics


1. Guerlain, Shalimar

In 1925, Jacques Guerlain became the first in the perfume industry to dare to use a sweet molecule with subtle and sugary notes of vanilla. His audacity created the first ever “oriental” fragrance. The scent’s sensuality and incandescence immediately brings to mind the gardens of Shalimar, which means “temple of love” in Sanskrit. These gardens were built by the Munghal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife four centuries ago. Designed by Raymond Guerlain, the Shalimar bottle evokes the shape of the palace’s luxuriant baths.

2. Acqua Di Parma, Colonia

Invented in 1916 in a small artisanal laboratory in the historic center of Parma, Italy, this discreet perfume has the magnetic charisma that defines a true legend. The very first ambassadors of this purely Italian eau de cologne were Hollywood film stars who, in the 1950s, were invited to Italy by the biggest directors of the time and all brought back a bottle of Colonia in their suitcases. The composition of this sophisticated and youthful scent has remained unchanged since it was first created. Melding bursts of Sicilian lemon, lavender, rosemary, verbena and Bulgarian rose, the perfume embodies eternal chic and still appeals to men and women nearly a century later.

3. Parfums Christian Dior, Dior Homme Parfum

Dior Homme Eau de Toilette was created in 2005 in conjunction with the renewal of the men’s lines from the couture house, reflecting Christian Dior’s desire to accompany each stylistic revolution with an olfactory one. In 2014, Perfumer-Creator François Demachy transformed the eau de toilette into a full-fledged fragrance. The elegant creation, which brings together two noble raw materials, iris from Tuscany and sandalwood from Sri Lanka, is a suave, intense and contrasting scent designed for the modern man.

4. Benefit Cosmetics, Benetint

Easy to use, ultra-feminine, with a hint of insolence, Benetint has been a hit around the world since its creation in 1977. Originally conceived for an exotic cabaret dancer, it quickly became a favorite among young girls, working women, celebrities and makeup artists alike. With a simple dab from the tip of your fingers to your lips and cheeks, Benetint finishes every look with a glamorous and cheeky glow.

5. Parfums Givenchy, Le Vernis Givenchy nail varnish

With Le Soin Noir, Smile N’Repair, the Prisme Libre powder, the Noir Couture mascara or event the Le Rouge lipstick benefiting from the excellent research center of the House, the Givenchy make-up and skincare lines are on the edge of innovation. Inspired by the House’s heritage and haute couture collections, Nicolas Degennes, Artistic Director for makeup and colors, constantly invents surprising new textures and shades. From pink to garnet red, Le Vernis Givenchy comes in an array of shades that really dazzle thanks to a special ultra-glossy finish.