Scandinavian voyage for Château Galoupet and Michelin-star restaurant ÄNG

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Château Galoupet is collaborating with Swedish restaurant ÄNG, which has been awarded both a Michelin star for the restaurant and a Green star for sustainability. The Michelin Guide created the Green Star to recognize restaurants that combine culinary excellence with eco-responsibility. ÄNG has become Château Galoupet’s high-profile partner in Scandinavia, providing a superb showcase for the wine estate’s deep commitment to sustainability.

Located in southwestern Sweden, 90 minutes from Göteborg in the heart of the Ästad Vingård organic wine vineyards – just a 100 meters from the restaurant –  ÄNG celebrates local products. The majority of the ingredients in the dishes created by chef Filip Gemzell are gathered fresh each morning from the surrounding region’s forests, beaches and fields. ÄNG and Château Galoupet share a deep respect for nature, a love of terroir and unique tasting experiences, leading to a collaboration which began two years ago.

In June of this year Château Galoupet and the ÄNG restaurant decided to celebrate their collaboration with a memorable special event. To launch the new Château Galoupet vintage in Sweden, select guests were invited to enjoy a unique experience, a stunning 17-course lunch curated to pair with Château Galoupet Cru Classé 2021 and 2022. For the event, chef Filip Gemzell crafted an ultra-refined asparagus dish, paired with Château Galoupet Cru Classé 2021.

The event took place just a few days after the Michelin Guide Awards in Turku, Finland, during which ÄNG sommelier and cellar master Emma Ziemann, received the prestigious Michelin Sommelier Award 2023, naming her the top sommelier in Scandinavia. Emma Ziemann has also been honored with the Lily Bollinger Award for the best sommelier in Sweden and won the gold medal in the Sommelier-SM 2023 competition.

Through this partnership between Château Galoupet and the ÄNG restaurant, the unique taste of Provence travels all the way to Scandinavia, celebrating a shared commitment to excellence, to nature and to craft.