The art of proportions for Loewe Spring-Summer 2024 collection

Fashion & Leather Goods


Creative Director Jonathan Anderson continues his reflections around cutting and silouhettes, as well as the Maison’s collaboration with American artist Lynda Benglis. Six large-scale bronze sculptures from her series called Elephant Necklace dramatically reflected light during the runway show and underscored plays on perspective in the new collection.  

Loewe’s looks are tall and vertical, with long legs, high waists and compact busts. Hands slip into pockets when they aren’t carrying new leather goods creations. The Squeeze bag, with its signature squishy handle, is hand-crafted and particularly mellow. The Pebble Bucket and its distinctive pebble-shaped gilded hardware is revisited in different sizes to express changing attitudes. Breaking tradition, the cuffs of coats can be flipped under the arm like a bag.  

Dilated knits flow around the body in long capes or come in short chunky jumpers. T-shirts and shorts have chewed hems, highlighting the theme of randomly deceptive appearances. Outsized pins and large golden buttons transform details of the silhouettes. Pieces of jewelry developed in collaboration with Lynda Benglis become wearable sculptures that shift conventional jewelry codes. Cascades of sparkling floral brooches transform tops, and crystals on exaggerated round-toe shoes illuminate Loewe silhouettes at each moment of the day.