The Perfumer’s Garden in Versailles now open to the public

Perfumes & Cosmetics


Thanks to support from Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the Palace of Versailles has created “Le Jardin du Parfumeur” – the Perfumer’s Garden – a fascinating new space in the heart of the Trianon Estate. The garden, which is now open to the public, is planted with hundreds of fragrant plants, recreating the spirit of the Trianon in the 17th century and enabling visitors to learn about the importance of fragrances at the royal court.   

Flowers and fragrances were omnipresent at the court of Versailles, which can be considered the cradle of perfume-making. Today the Château preserves this tradition through three areas with distinctive identities. “The Garden of Curiosities” in front of the Orangerie gathers the majority of the floral species. Then “Under the Trees” is a walkway where Japanese cherry trees blossom. And lastly, “The Secret Garden” proposes an intimate atmosphere.

The fruit of exceptional collaboration between the Trianon gardeners and  Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the “Jardin du Parfumeur” brings together hundreds of fragrant plants. They include traditional species such as roses and jasmine, as well as plants with surprising scents, ranging from chocolate to apple. There will also be malodorous plants and “mute”, or silent flowers, such as hyacinth, peony and violet, so-called because their scent must be reproduced synthetically for use in fragrances.

This magnificent natural tableau is a perfect way to discover Versailles from a novel perspective.

To reserve a visit to the Trianon Estate, visit the Château de Versailles website.