LVMH recognized for its efforts in the fight against counterfeiting on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day

On the occasion of the 22nd World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the LVMH Group’s Market Protection department received an award for the best team (Business category) for its achievements in the fight against counterfeiting. The award was presented by John Anderson, President of the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG), under the authority of Gérald Darmanin, Minister of Public Action and Accounts, and in presence of Rodolphe Gintz, Director General of Customs and Indirect Taxation, and Christian Peugeot and Delphine Sarfati-Sobreira, representing the Union des Fabricants (Unifab).

In front of several MPs, employees of the Group and representatives of large American, European and French companies, John Anderson paid tribute to LVMH’s use of innovative and creative solutions to face the scourge of counterfeiting, a phenomenon with serious social and economic consequences and one that is growing, particularly through social networks.

It is vital to protect the brands and creations of the Group’s Maisons, both in the physical and digital world. The recognition of the commitment of its employees is testament to LVMH’s determination to use every possible means to ensure the protection of its customers, its innovations and its know-how, which are at the heart of the Group’s DNA.

Toni Belloni, LVMH Group Managing Director, commented: “LVMH is proud to receive this award, which recognises the meticulous and consistent work of our Market Protection department. Their daily work is essential in safeguarding our know-how and creativity while guaranteeing our customers the highest quality products and experiences. This award also encourages us to continue our efforts and to develop new innovations to combat this global scourge“.