LVMH has become a Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and will share its creative excellence and craftsmanship for key celebratory moments during the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Published on 07.24.2023 • 5 minutes
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Cover LVMH has become a Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024 and will share its creative excellence and craftsmanship for key celebratory moments during the Olympic and Paralympic Games © Philippe Servent

With the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024 set to begin exactly a year from now, LVMH has become a Premium Partner of this global event, which resonates with the Group’s mission, ‘The Art of Crafting Dreams’, echoing the vision of Paris 2024. This exceptional partnership will enable the artisans across the LVMH Group to contribute their creativity, exceptional know-how and unique sense of French art de vivre to the organization of this unmatched celebration of high-level sports.

Emblematic of France’s creativity and worldwide appeal, LVMH has always been inspired by an exceptional spirit of innovation and an exacting quest for excellence. In all of their activities – from fashion and leather goods to perfumes and cosmetics, and from selecting retailing to wines and spirits – LVMH Maisons cultivate the highest levels of quality and embody everything that is most noble in the realm of exquisite craftsmanship. Over several months, Paris 2024 and creative teams from LVMH and its Maisons have explored a shared desire to make these Olympic and Paralympic Games an unforgettable experience that rewrites established codes. The world leader in luxury, LVMH will play a major role by sharing its creativity and craftsmanship for unforgettable moments of celebration throughout the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Paris 2024 will entrust several essential roles to artisans from the LVMH Group. These include the design of the Olympic and Paralympic medals by Chaumet. The ultimate emblems of the quest for victory and surpassing oneself, the medals figure among the iconic symbols and traditions of the Olympic Games. An iconic Paris jeweler with centuries of heritage, Chaumet will apply its savoir-faire to create the design of these exceptional pieces that materialize the ultimate reward for athletes after years of sacrifice and commitment to performance.

Moët Hennessy wines and spirits Maisons will provide their exceptional products as part of hospitality programs during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and will help ensure a superb quality experience for guests. Sephora will be a partner for the Olympic Torch Relay, proposing activations for the public all along the relay route, as well as at Group locations along the itinerary and at stops.

Between now and the opening ceremony, LVMH and its Maisons – in particular Louis VuittonDior and Berluti – will present, with approval from Paris 2024, the different aspects of their engagement, enabling LVMH to become the ‘Artisan of All Victories’. During the Games, LVMH will also provide direct support for certain athletes whose exemplary journeys make them ‘Artisans of All Victories’. The first is swimmer Léon Marchand, who at the age of 21 has already won three world champion titles, is the world record-holder of the 400 meter individual medley, and is a leading medal hope for the French Olympic team.

Lastly, as part of its partnership with Paris 2024, LVMH will expand its commitments to society specifically to sports, which inspires dreams and drives positive impact. To kick off this initiative, LVMH will join French charity Secours populaire français, a longstanding partner, and support a very concrete program to facilitate access to sports for 1,000 children and young people aged 4 to 25 who live in vulnerable situations. The Group will provide funding for sports association memberships, training programs and beginner classes.

“This unprecedented partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024 will contribute to heightening the appeal of France around the world. It was only natural that LVMH and its Maisons be part of this exceptional international event. The values of passion, excellence and inclusion championed by high-level sports are cultivated each day by our teams, motivated by an unwavering desire to surpass limits. Sports is a tremendous source of inspiration for our Maisons, which will unite creative excellence and athletic performance by contributing their savoir-faire and bold innovation to this extraordinary celebration.” – Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH.

“From the very outset of our project we have wanted the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024 to contribute to promoting the image of our country and France’s many remarkable talents. Today, with the LVMH Group, Paris 2024 has taken a decisive step forward. LVMH already supported us during our bid for the Summer Olympics and we are thrilled to have the Group with us 100% for this exciting adventure. With its exceptional know-how, the LVMH Group will bring its immensely creative talent to this project and enable us to benefit from its extensive experience. This partnership also sends a powerful signal that France’s leading businesses are behind the Paris 2024 Games, which will let our country shine brightly around the entire world. We want to thank the LVMH Group and its artisans for their confidence and their active engagement. Together we are going to make the Paris 2024 Games a truly exceptional experience.” – Tony Estanguet, President of the Paris 2024 Olympic Committee.

From the very beginning of the Paris 2024 adventure and before the host city for the Olympic and Paralympic Games was selected, LVMH backed the Paris organizing committee’s bid. A good many LVMH Maisons originated in Paris, and Paris has always been intimately linked to the history and success of the Group, which in turn is deeply attached to the city.

This partnership also continues the active support that LVMH and its Maisons have for many years provided for high-level sports and the most prestigious international competitions. From the creation of numerous trophies to the design of trunks made specially to hold them, LVMH Maisons have long been partners to the world of sports, spanning a wide variety of disciplines, from tennis, rugby and basketball to soccer and automobile racing.

PR - LVMH has become a Premium Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games Paris 2024

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