Paralympic Games Paris 2024: LVMH and Dior are proud to welcome Pauline Déroulède to the LVMH family

Published on 11.02.2023
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As part of the partnership between LVMH and Paris 2024, LVMH takes great pride in providing direct support ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to athletes whose exemplary achievements make them Artisans of All Victories. The Group is proud to announce that Pauline Déroulède, triple champion of France in wheelchair tennis, has joined the LVMH family with the Maison Dior.


This partnership continues the active support that LVMH and its Maisons have for many years provided for high-level sports and the most prestigious international competitions. From the creation of numerous trophies to trunks designed specially to hold them, LVMH Maisons have long been partners to the world of sports, spanning a wide variety of disciplines, including tennis, rugby, basketball, soccer and automobile racing.

Pauline Déroulède’s life changed radically in October 2018 when she was hit by a car whose driver had lost control and had to have her left leg amputated. A longtime tennis player, she quickly rebounded after the tragedy and set her sights on competing in the Paralympic Games Paris 2024. Today, her list of achievements includes winning the French championship three years running, in 2021, 2022 and 2023, and ranking 13th in the world.

Pauline Déroulède will represent Dior as Ambassador for the Paralympic Games Paris 2024. With her ambition and engagement, two values shared by the Maison, Pauline Déroulède is out to make her dream of Paralympic gold come true.

LVMH and Dior are delighted to welcome Pauline Déroulède as Ambassador and Artisan of All Victories.

Pauline Déroulède is the fourth athlete welcomed to the LVMH family, joining swimmer Léon Marchand, five-time world champion and record-holder in the 400-meter individual medley, Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, four-time European champion in artistic gymnastics, and fencer Enzo Lefort, gold medalist in team men’s foil fencing in Tokyo in 2021 and individual world champion in 2019 and 2022.

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