Paris 2024 and LVMH unveil the outfits and medals trays for the Victory Ceremonies

Published on 07.02.2024 • 9 minutes
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Cover Paris 2024 and LVMH unveil eco-designed outfits for volunteer medals bearers during Victory Ceremonies and medals trays designed by Louis Vuitton for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024

LVMH and the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee today revealed the outfits designed for volunteer medals bearers who present the medals for the winning athletes, as well as the trays designed by Louis Vuitton to hold the medals for each Victory Ceremony during the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. LVMH continues to showcase the creativity it brings to the Group’s partnership with Paris 2024, with garments that combine exceptional savoir-faire and creative circularity. The new outfits and medals trays join the gold, silver and bronze medals designed by Maison Chaumet, the Team France outfits designed by Berluti for the Opening Ceremonies, and the medals and torches trunks for the Paris 2024 Games designed and crafted by Louis Vuitton. The LVMH Group is once again proud to support Paris 2024 as creative partner for memorable moments of celebration, contributing excellence, elegance and unique global resonance.

Outfits inspired by the 1924 Games in Paris with a resolutely modern look

Paris, the fashion capital of the world, is once again welcoming the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 100 years after the last time the City of Light hosted the event. To connect with this heritage, LVMH has designed outfits that pay tribute to 1920s silhouettes, marked by the birth of sportswear, an affirmation of feminism and the first appearance of unisex styles.

The 515 medals bearers selected by Paris 2024 – young people who are members of national sports federations across France – will wear clothes that celebrate the history of France and its cultural and social heritage. The garments emphasize fluidity and freedom of movement.

Each medals bearer’s unisex outfit will consist of a polo shirt, roomy pants and a traditional gavroche cap. Volunteers will also receive a set of Fenty Beauty products, along with tips if they wish to wear makeup for the occasion.

Clothes that embody LVMH’s commitment to creative circularity

The 600 outfits made are aligned with the LVMH Group’s commitment to luxury that is both sustainable and inclusive:

  • Creative circularity, with 100% eco-designed materials, sourced in particular from the LVMH Circularity closed-loop textiles recycling ecosystem. The polo shirts and gavroche caps are in a jersey fabric made from recycled textiles using offcuts from different LVMH Maisons that have been upcycled by French startup Weturn, a certified B Corp company. The firm creates new outlets for unsold textile industry inventory, transforming fabrics first into yarn and then into new fabrics. The heavy jersey fabric created through this process was then cut and assembled in the Vosges region in France in a workshop certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The pants are made from a poly-wool blend fabric using recycled polyester.
  • Largely “made in France”: The polo shirts are made in France’s Vosges region by the family-led enterprise Duval, a longstanding partner of LVMH. The pants have been produced by La Fabrique NOMADE, a non-profit that the Group has partnered since 2019 which supports the professional integration of refugee artisans in France, helping them leverage the skills of the craft they practiced in their native country and adapt to the needs of the French market. The gavroche hats have been manufactured in Italy.
  • Life after Paris 2024: All the outfits are given to the volunteer medals bearers, who help these unique moments of celebration remain unforgettable for both the athletes and spectators.


Louis Vuitton medals tray designed specially for the Victory Ceremonies 

Evoking Louis Vuitton’s trunkmaking heritage, the unique Medals Trays were crafted by expert Louis Vuitton artisans at the Beaulieu-sur-Layon workshop in the Maine-et-Loire region, specialized in making leather goods. The trays have an exterior covered by the Maison’s historic Damier canvas – created in 1888 – and the interior is lined with matt black leather, referencing the interiors of the Louis Vuitton Torches and Medals Trunks. Designed and crafted to be as light as possible, the Louis Vuitton Medals Trays can each hold two to six medals. They will carry the medals designed by jeweler Chaumet, bringing an additional touch of French savoir-faire to this exceptional moment that rewards a lifetime of dedication for each athlete on the winner’s podium.


The trays join the prestigious collection of bespoke cases created specially for Paris 2024. These exceptional objects perfectly epitomize LVMH’s mission, “the Art of Crafting Dreams”, and its role as “the Artisan of All Victories” for the Paris 2024 Games.  

Antoine Arnault, LVMH Image & Environment, said: “These outfits and medals trays once again embody the ambition we have pursued since the very start of our partnership with Paris 2024, namely to contribute all our savoir-faire and the very best of our creativity to each instant, in order to truly be the Artisan of All Victories. Through this contribution to the Victory Ceremonies we are showcasing the work of our artisans and the organizations with which we work, adding a special touch to this historic moment for the athletes, one of the most beautiful moments in their careers and a lifelong memory. As for each of our creations, we are tremendously proud to once again help make these Olympic and Paralympic Games even more creative and sustainable. These clothes mirror our commitment to creative circularity and to a society that is more respectful towards the environment.”

Tony Estanguet, President of  Paris 2024, said: “Following the Olympic and Paralympic medals made by  Chaumet, the trunks for the medals and torches crafted by Louis Vuitton, and the uniforms of French athletes for the Opening Ceremonies designed and made by Berluti, we are delighted with this new chapter in our partnership with the prestigious LVMH Group as we reveal the medals trays and outfits to be worn by medals bearers during the Victory Ceremonies. These ceremonies are incredible moments in the lives of the athletes, a consecration of their efforts, a moment of communion with the public and a shared expression of national pride. These absolutely unique moments deserve to be magnified, and they most definitely will be, thanks to the amazing expertise of the Maisons of the LVMH Group, which have created exceptional medals trays and clothes for those who will present the medals. These Paris 2024 volunteers will have a chance to share in an absolutely unforgettable experience alongside the athletes. Bravo and thank you!”

© Philippe Servent

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