LVMH marks International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019, underlining commitment to promoting employment and access for people with disabilities through multiple initiatives led by its Maisons

Diversity is an essential source of creativity and a core value of the LVMH Group. LVMH is strongly committed to building a culture of inclusion that respects the individuality of all employees. To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019, LVMH is underlining its commitment to promoting employment and access for people with disabilities, spotlighting initiatives led by LVMH Maisons around the world.

Promoting a diversity of backgrounds and career paths figures at the heart of LVMH’s human resources policy. The Group ensures that all employees enjoy their rights, irrespective of skin color, gender, religion, political convictions, national or social origins, age, disability, trade union membership, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Everyone is concerned with issues related to disabilities, whether temporary or permanent, and supporting people with disabilities figures at the heart of LVMH’s corporate social responsibility policy. Accessibility is a priority wherever the Group is present to ensure that everyone enjoys access to premises, facilities, communications, products and services. By actively supporting access, LVMH improves the daily lives of its employees and the quality of service for customers.

“Building an inclusive organization is imperative from a human perspective and essential to fulfilling our role as a responsible corporate citizen,” notes Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies.

To celebrate this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities, LVMH is spotlighting initiatives by its Maisons to promote employment for people with disabilities, as well as access to the premises and products and services offered by LVMH Maisons.

In France, the Fondation Louis Vuitton has been designed to welcome all members of the public, regardless of impairments. Priority access is free for people with disabilities and the person accompanying them. The Foundation also makes the works it displays more accessible thanks to tactile maps, training for mediation teams, and specially-designed visits for people with disabilities. The Mercier champagne house has trained two members of its visitor reception team in French sign language.

In Italy, Bvlgari, Fendi and Loro Piana all support employment and retention for people with disabilities thanks to special adaptation of workstations. In Canada, Guerlain inaugurated a Spa in November with access for people with disabilities.

These inspiring real-world initiatives reflect the proactive commitment of the LVMH Group to continually promote inclusion for people with disabilities at every level of the organization.


To celebrate the success of the first edition of “Une Journée Pour Soi”, an initiative organized with French charity Secours Populaire, LVMH has unveiled a book featuring photographs and profiles of women who took part in the program.

LVMH, Secours Populaire and Éditions Alternatives (an imprint of the Gallimard publishing house) have teamed to publish “Une Journée Pour Soi”, a book of photo portraits and profiles of women who took part in the “A Day All Your Own” initiative that took place in six French cities between February and March 2019. To mark the publication, the Galerie Gallimard opened its doors from October 28-31 for an exclusive exhibition of selected photos from the book.

Working closely with French charity Secours Populaire, with which it concluded a partnership in February, the LVMH Group introduced “Une Journée Pour Soi” (“A Day All Your Own”). The initiative was organized in six French cities – Saint-Denis, Boulogne-Billancourt, Marseille, Roubaix, Reims and Carcassonne – with support from LVMH Maisons: the Fondation Louis Vuitton, Guerlain, Make Up For Ever, Ruinart and Sephora.  It gave 400 women aided by the Secours Populaire a day all their own away from the difficult daily challenges created by vulnerable situations to help them build confidence and look ahead to a positive future.

Each program combined well-being and cultural discoveries. Participants were given tips by makeup artists from Guerlain, Make Up For Ever and Sephora during personal makeup sessions before visiting a cultural site (La Piscine-Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent in Roubaix, the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, the Cité de Carcassonne, the Musée Regards de Provence in  Marseille and Maison Ruinart’s champagne cellars in  Reims). They also had their portraits shot by one of the five photographers taking part in the project: Olivia Arthur, Gabriel de la Chapelle, Alain Delorme, Laziz Hamani and Rebecka Oftedal.

© Julien Lutt

Their portraits, copies of which were given to participants, are featured in the book “Une Journée Pour Soi”, published by Éditions Alternatives (an imprint of the Gallimard publishing house). The collection of portraits and profiles of the women prepared by filmmaker and producer Claire Lajeunie offers compelling illustration of their diverse backgrounds and shared determination to overcome vulnerable situations.

“This book is the culmination of a project that has special resonance for me. Our starting point was a desire to show that, while we are different, Secours Populaire and LVMH can naturally join forces behind an initiative centered on social engagement and generosity. I hope that this book will enable readers to share the spirit that made these special days such a success, namely a shared sense of pride,” said Antoine Arnault of LVMH.

Following the success of the first edition of “Une Journée Pour Soi”,  LVMH will extend its support for the Secours Populaire Français with a second edition of the program planned for 2020.

Future LIFE New York: LVMH reaffirms sustainability commitments, highlighting actions by Maisons in North America

A month after the Future LIFE Paris event, LVMH North America Chairman & CEO Anish Melwani and Sylvie Bénard, LVMH Group Senior Vice President Environment, welcomed senior executives from LVMH Maisons in New York to highlight initiatives by the Group and its Maisons based in North America to uphold the highest levels of environmental performance. At the same time, the third edition of LIFE in Stores, a program to improve the energy performance of retail spaces at LVMH stores, took place in New York from October 22-24.

LVMH has been engaged in protecting the environment for more than 27 years and has always made environmental performance a strategic growth pillar. In 2012, this commitment took on tangible form through the global LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) program, which has been embedded in the strategic planning of LVMH’s 75 Maisons since 2015. In 2016, LVMH further strengthened this policy, defining four objectives for 2020: improve the environmental performance of all its products, apply the highest standards for sourcing, improve key environmental performance indicators for all sites, and reduce CO2 emissions.

A month after Future LIFE Paris, the event at LVMH headquarters in New York highlighted the Group’s accomplishments in four areas and presented a series of concrete goals. Senior leaders from LVMH Maisons, including Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Fresh, Marc Jacobs and Colgin Cellars, presented the sustainability best practices and steps their companies have taken to meet and exceed responsible environmental standards in areas ranging from product eco-design, sourcing and waste management, to energy consumption at stores and production sites and biodiversity. Sephora US, for example, announced that all of its stores, headquarters and distribution centers are now using 100% renewable energy.


© DR

Gabriela Hearst, whose namesake brand is widely recognized as one of the leading emerging luxury fashion brands in environmental responsibility, talked about the pioneering carbon-neutral runway show for her Spring-Summer 2020 collection. Sustainable fashion experts Julie Gilhart and Cara Smyth also shared their perspectives on emerging issues and the evolution of customer expectations.

In conjunction with the agenda of presentations, students from Ivy League universities and journalists were invited to take a closer look at the LVMH Group’s environmental policy and the initiatives pursued during a “Green Journey”, including a private tour of the LIFE in Stores exhibition. Presented at LVMH headquarters in New York on October 22-24, LIFE in Stores features international exhibitors specialized in lighting solutions and lights.

The event provided a chance for LVMH to underline the central contribution to its sustainability commitments made by improved energy performance across the retail networks of its Maisons. The Green Journey also invited students and journalists to take part in workshops on environment at Marc Jacobs and Fresh, and to visit Bvlgari and Louis Vuitton stores.

Maison/0, the sustainable innovation incubator created by LVMH and Central Saint Martins, presents “Designing in Turbulent Times” exhibition at London Design Festival

Set up in 2017, Maison/0 is an incubator launched by the LVMH Group and the renowned Central Saint Martins design school in London to inspire creative practice as a catalyst for sustainable innovation. At the London Design Festival, Maison/0 is presenting an exhibition entitled “Designing in Turbulent Times”. Based on the Maison/0 Green Trail initiative, which each year celebrates the best sustainable innovation projects, the exhibition showcases the creations of the students selected.

In 2017 LVMH launched a new program in partnership with Central Saint Martins called LVMH & Central Saint Martins “Sustainability & Innovation in Luxury | Fostering Creativity”. Guided by a commitment to promoting creativity and identifying propositions for more sustainable development, the initiative was joined the same year by Maison/0, the incubator set up by LVMH and Central Saint Martins to make design an agent for responsible and sustainable innovation.

At its creation in September 2017, Maison/0 articulated three objectives: inspire, inform and equip the next generation of creative talents to be able to lead on sustainable innovation; develop R&D and experimental projects to explore new avenues for sustainable luxury; and curate public-facing events that showcase creative practice as a catalyst for sustainable innovation.

© DR

Sponsored by LVMH and Central Saint Martins, the Maison/0 program is presenting the exhibition “Designing in Turbulent Times” from September 14 –  October 27 at the Lethaby Gallery during the London Design Festival. The exhibition showcases creations by students selected for the 2019 edition of the Maison/0 Green Trail, which each year recognizes the most inventive sustainable innovation projects by students at Central Saint Martins.

Spanning a broad array of design related disciplines, “Designing in Turbulent Times” shows that, in the face of increasingly urgent social and environmental pressures, creativity can be a powerful agent for innovation and transformation.

© DR

The projects shown clearly illustrate this proposition, including “Bio Iridescent Sequin”, a biodegradable alternative to highly pollutant conventional plastic sequins; “Weighting Feathers” a jewelry collection using recycled chicken and turkey feather waste from the meat industry; and “Wool Re-Crafted”,  a vegan alternative to wool utilizing fibers processed from discarded pineapple leaves.

© DR

In addition to showcasing creativity, “Designing in Turbulent Times” includes a learning space with talks and workshops to help incoming students at Central Saint Martins engage with socio-environmental issues.

Practical information

Lethaby Gallery, Granary Building

1 Granary Square

London N1C 4AA

Opening times: Monday – Friday 11am to  6pm, Saturday 12pm to 5pm

LVMH reaffirms engagement with UNESCO’s MAB program with launch of partnership between Guerlain and UNESCO for training and long-term support of an international community of beekeepers

Guerlain, which has been actively involved in initiatives to protect biodiversity for more than 12 years, is expanding its commitments by teaming with UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere intergovernmental scientific program, of which LVMH has been a partner since May 2019. Guerlain is launching a five-year partnership to train new beekeepers, establish beekeeping operations around the world, and measure the benefits of pollination in biosphere reserves.  

Signed last May, the partnership between LVMH and the UNESCO Man and Biosphere (MAB) program establishes biodiversity as pillar of the Group’s initiatives. The partnership provides a framework for collaboration between LVMH Maisons and UNESCO’s network experts, as well as for promoting scientific research on biodiversity.

“A Group such as ours, whose activities are intimately linked to the resources offered by nature, simply cannot ignore biodiversity issues,” said Antoine Arnault, Image & Communications LVMH, underlining the motivation behind the partnership between LVMH and UNESCO-MAB.

Bees play an essential role as pollinators, thus ensuring food security across the planet and making the preservation of bees a critical priority. Building on its longstanding commitments to biodiversity – notably bees – Guerlain announced the launch of a new partnership with UNESCO on October 17th. This five-year program is being pursued within the framework of the partnership between UNESCO-MAB and LVMH.

© UNESCO / Christelle ALIX

The partnership between Guerlain and UNESCO-MAB will focus on four areas: training of beekeepers in UNESCO biosphere reserves; creation of beekeeping operations with around 50 hives each, working in collaboration with the Observatoire Français d’Apidologie (OFA, the French Apidology Observatory), which Guerlain has partnered since 2015; technical support and monitoring to ensure sustainable development and a stable business model; and measurement of the beneficial impact of pollination on local ecosystems.

“This partnership marks a new milestone for our efforts to safeguard bees – the symbol of Guerlain – and we are delighted at this opportunity to work closely with experts from the Man and Biosphere program and the OFA,” said Laurent Boillot Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Guerlain.

Guerlain and UNESCO will debut their collaboration in 2020 with a first year of trials, during which eight beekeepers will be trained, two in each of four pilot UNESCO biosphere reserves in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cambodia and China. Twenty more people will be trained annually over the following four years in ten additional biosphere reserves in ten different countries.

By 2024, this renewable partnership will have trained 88 beekeepers in 44 UNESCO biosphere reserves, establishing an international network of professionals able to share their scientific and local knowledge regarding the critical role played by bees and pollination in ensuring food security for the planet.

LVMH announces partnership with La Fabrique Nomade, an association that helps refugee artisans in France find employment

The vernissage for the La Fabrique Nomade’s Traits d’Union 4 collection of objects, jewelry and clothes made by refugee artisans supported by the association took place at the Viaduc des Arts in Paris on September 26th. During the event LVMH formally announced its support for the association, which helps refugee artisans find employment in France. This initiative expands the LVMH Group’s commitments to the preservation and transmission of savoir-faire in artisanal and creative professions.

LVMH and its Maisons hold and nurture a rich cultural heritage of artisanal and creative métiers, and have always made preserving and passing on this unique savoir-faire to new generations a fundamental priority. In 2011 this commitment led to the creation of Les Journées Particulières event, which is held every two years to celebrate and share a backstage experience at LVMH Maisons and workshops. Last year the event welcomed over 180,000 visitors around the world. In 2014, LVMH created the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence, which has already trained more than 800 apprentices in France, Switzerland and Italy. These initiatives reflect the essential role of artisans within the Group’s ecosystem.

Founded in January 2016, La Fabrique Nomade is an association that facilitates the employment of migrant and refugee artisans in France. The migrant experience often leads to a disruption of professional growth for these skilled artisans and employment choices limited to low-skilled professions where there is a shortage of manpower. La Fabrique Nomade gives these passionate women and men a chance to once again practice their métier in France, helping them learn or improve their French, including technical vocabulary, and adapt to a new economic and cultural environment and build an essential network of contacts.

“Savoir-faire and creativity are universal languages that encourage positive human relations. To help the artisans at La Fabrique Nomade continue to practice their métier in France and hone their craftsmanship, LVMH and its Maisons are making a long-term commitment to their professional inclusion through skills sponsorship, and by opening the doors of our Maisons to nourish exchanges,” said Antoine Arnault at the vernissage for the Traits d’Union 4 collection, where he was joined by CEOs, designers and workshop directors from LVMH Maisons, as well as the many people who have been working on this project since April 2019.


Created by artisans supported by La Fabrique Nomade in collaboration with volunteer designers, the Traits d’Union 4 collection invited each of the artisans to draw inspiration from a personal story, a memory or cultural symbolism around the theme of “Treasure”, chosen by Faye McLeod, Visual Image Director of the LVMH Group.

LVMH’s support for La Fabrique Nomade includes skills sponsorship, sharing of material resources and professional inclusion across a range of initiatives. The Group calls on its talents to help address needs identified by La Fabrique Nomade, and Louis Vuitton, Kenzo and Chaumet have been the first to provide support by donating jewelry-making tools and materials and textiles for sewing.

In the coming months LVMH will welcome artisans from La Fabrique Nomade to the workshops of Christian Dior Couture, Chaumet and Berluti, helping them learn more about craft professions in France. LVMH is also exploring opportunities for internships, jobs or training at several of its Maisons.

One artisan who was previously part of the program now works with several LVMH Maisons, and a seamstress currently in the program will shortly join the Dior Couture workshop for a fixed-term contract. What’s more, Maison Patou recently worked with La Fabrique Nomade on a confidential project.

Plans for 2020 calls for an extension of this partnership, engaging artisans and designers from the LVMH Group to support La Fabrique Nomade artisans and prepare the next Traits d’Union 4 collection.

The Traits d’union 4 collection is already available at the shop and on La Fabrique NOMADE website. All the profit will be used to finance the association’s actions.

© Félicien Delorme

LVMH steps up waste recycling with CEDRE platform

Fifteen years ago obsolete products from LVMH Maisons were incinerated with recovery of the energy generated. To limit this practice and engage the Group in a circular economy approach, LVMH announced new waste recycling commitments in 2006. These commitments led to cooperation between LVMH and waste collection specialist CEDRE. Since 2010, CEDRE has provided the Group with solutions to break down products while optimizing traceability and safety, thus preventing counterfeiting or grey market transactions. CEDRE initially specialized in the Perfumes & Cosmetics sector but recently accelerated development of textiles recycling. In addition to recycling services, CEDRE also advises the Group on eco-design. LVMH Environment Director Sylvie Bénard and CEDRE Marketing Director Julien Bourreau present illustrations of this promising model, which has already been adopted by several LVMH Maisons in both Perfumes & Cosmetics and Fashion & Leather Goods.

2020 Future LIFE: LVMH steps up waste recycling with CEDRE platform

LIFE 2020: four environmental excellence objectives at LVMH

LVMH’s environmental policy has been a strategic growth pillar for the past 27 years. In 2012 this policy accelerated with the creation of the LVMH Initiatives For the Environment program, or LIFE, embedding sustainable development in the strategic planning of all LVMH Maisons. LVMH further strengthened the LIFE initiative in 2016, announcing four objectives shared by all its Maisons in order to achieve environmental excellence by 2020: reduce the environmental footprint of all products, implement best-in-class standards across all procurement chains, improve key environmental performance indicators for all sites, and reduce CO2 emissions.

2020 Future LIFE: four environmental excellence objectives at LVMH

LVMH presents Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter

The fruit of extensive scientific research and collaboration between its Environment Department, Maisons and suppliers, the Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter addresses the complex issues involved in sourcing of furs, leathers, exotic leathers, wool and feathers. The Charter takes an exhaustive approach supported by concrete resources and long-term commitments encompassing three areas: animal husbandry and trapping, traceability, and respect for people, the environment and biodiversity.

2020 Future LIFE: LVMH presents Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter

Future LIFE Paris: LVMH ahead of roadmap objectives and announces new commitments to the environment and biodiversity

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Bernard Arnault welcomed executives from LVMH and its Maisons on September 25th to an event at the Group’s headquarters in Paris centered on the LVMH Initiatives For the Environment program, or LIFE. The meeting spotlighted LVMH’s pioneering initiatives to protect biodiversity, along with concrete elements confirming its positive environmental performance, as well as ambitious goals for eco-design, engagement with the circular economy and reduced energy consumption. LVMH also presented new commitments, notably an Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter.

Initiated more than 27 years ago, LVMH’s environmental policy has always constituted a strategic pillar to drive growth. This policy was formalized in 2012 with the launch of the comprehensive LIFE program, which the Group’s 75 Maisons have since 2015 integrated in their strategic planning. In 2016 LVMH further strengthened this policy, defining four objectives for 2020: improve the environmental performance of all its products, apply the highest standards for sourcing, improve key environmental performance indicators for all sites, and reduce CO2 emissions.

With 2020 just a few months away, the Future LIFE Paris event presented the Group’s achievements in these four areas, along with concrete goals moving forward. “Our results speak for themselves. We are making a commitment to accelerate our efforts in this area and continually go even further,” said Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive of LVMH.

The executives from several Maisons shared a look at how their companies are continually striving to meet and exceed environmental challenges in a variety of areas such as eco-design, procurement, waste reduction, the energy consumption of stores and production sites, and protection of biodiversity.

Guest of honor Stella McCartney spoke for the first time at an LVMH event since the announcement in July of a partnership between her fashion house and the Group. A pioneer in environmental responsibility in the fashion industry in terms of both design and procurement, she explained her motivations for adopting this approach and discussed her role as special advisor on sustainability issues to Bernard Arnault and members of the LVMH Executive Committee. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Artistic Director of Dior, also addressed the event, sharing the ways that nature inspired her runway show at the Longchamp racecourse the previous day.


© Gabriel de La Chapelle

Given strong demand for furs and leathers, LVMH has reaffirmed its leadership in sustainable development, proposing solutions to the environmental issues often associated with sourcing of these raw materials. The Group presented a new Animal-based Raw Materials Sourcing Charter, the fruit of extensive scientific research and collaboration between its Environment Department, Maisons and suppliers.

With an exhaustive approach, concrete resources and long-term commitments to progress, the charter addresses the complex issues involved in sourcing of furs, leathers, exotic leathers, wool and feathers, detailing commitments in three areas: traceability, animal husbandry and trapping, and respect for people, the environment and biodiversity.

Within the scope of this charter, LVMH will conduct pilot projects and scientific research, the results of which will be assessed by a multi-disciplinary scientific committee comprising both independent experts external to the Group and experts from within LVMH.

Beyond these commitments, LVMH also announced new strategic partnerships to support its initiatives in sustainable development and protecting biodiversity: emergency aid to preserve the Amazon, a partnership with the Solar Impulse foundation, and funding of the AgroParisTech Foundation Ecological Compatibility Chair.