Belén Iglesias Gallego

Europe Human Resources Manager, Loewe

Belén Iglesias Gallego
© Studio Kippik

Loewe leaps into the 21st century. Steeped in tradition, the House continues to reinvent itself to rise to new challenges. It is a great opportunity for its talented employees to express themselves, as Belén Iglesias Gallego shows.

“Building loyalty among our Chinese-speaking sales assistants, putting in place exchange programs for store managers among the markets, introducing the Loewe Gold Club for our now-retired employees, striking the best balance between work and personal lives… These are just some of the roles which illustrate the diversity of my job at Loewe. As Europe Human Ressources Manager, I help to manage legal and administrative matters, while my everyday duties involve supporting sales teams and reporting to the House and the Group. I am in regular contact with the teams in all head office departments, and with all international human resources departments.

While my career path has enabled me to take on such a broad and rewarding role, the House encourages it. After gaining an undergraduate degree in law from Complutense University in Madrid and then a double master’s degree in human resources and tax law, I started my career as a human resources consultant. I then joined Loewe as a sales assistant, before moving to my current department three years later. These experiences have given me a passion for dialogue, a creative mindset, the ability to resolve complex situations and an instinct for adaptation. For its part, Loewe is writing a new page in its story. Underpinned by a renowned identity and savoir-faire, the House is innovating. It is encouraging its talents to rise to the challenges of our time and win over new customers. It is up to us to seize this opportunity.”