Cindy Renard

Model Maker and Prototypist
Issoudun-Condé Workshop

My Métier d’Excellence 

I’m a Model Maker and Prototypist for Women’s leather goods at Louis Vuitton, where I’ve been since the very start of my career almost twenty years ago. I make models from the designs created by our Stylists and then I prepare the template models for each new piece.


What is your background?

I trained as a leather goods artisan just a few kilometers from the workshop where I’m working today, where I began as a Leather Goods Artisan working on adjustments. As part of this work I sometimes helped prepare our runway shows. Back in the workshop I trained in this new skillset, which at the time involved making models. I then became the first Leather Goods Artisan in the workshop to receive a diploma in this métier.

The most important things you need for this métier
Passion and patience! I love my métier and I feel like I’m continually growing. Patience is absolutely essential in order to achieve excellence and be able to share your know-how with others.

What I love most about my métier 
The complexity. Being able to surpass yourself. That happens frequently with exceptional special orders in precious leathers. I love this type of challenge because it always inspires us to go beyond our limits and  expand our know-how and creativity.

Passing on the métier to new generations

This is always happening in the workshop, with young people, but also among all our teams. We help one another, we share our skills and we all become quite versatile. This is one of the keys to preserving the heritage of our amazing métiers.