Diane de Fournas de la Brosse

Leather Goods Prototypist

My Métier d’Excellence

I’m a Leather Goods Prototypist at Moynat, which involves creating prototypes from the designer’s sketches. After discussing the piece with the designer I make the first template, the model for a leather goods item. Then I assemble an initial piece in a material called salpa, which is very similar to leather, to check that the assembly functions correctly. Once everything has been confirmed, I make the prototype using the actual materials, such as leather, creating a product just like one that could be sold. And lastly we make final adjustments with the designer, who approves the model. All the work I do is executed entirely by hand, a hallmark of Moynat.

The most important things you need for this métier

It’s essential to be meticulous. When you’re making a template it has to be precise down to a millimeter, even half a millimeter. If not there will be problems assembling the bag since the pieces won’t fit together properly. So this work involves rigorous attention to details, you can’t let anything escape your attention.

What I love most about my métier

The manual work. I’ve always loved working with my hands. And in my métier I’m always striving for excellence with each new piece. That’s why I love working at a luxury house such as Moynat.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession

Watch others and listen to them. When I started out I was told “Above all look at how the artisans place their hands on the sewing machine.” It’s this attention to details that lets you continually improve. It’s important to learn from others and be open-minded and recognize that there are many different ways to craft a leather goods product. All the artisans at Moynat learn from one another, everyone is ready to help and share their techniques. I find that tremendously enriching.