Jared Bailey

International Spokesperson and Global Brow Expert, Benefit Cosmetics

Jared Bailey

Jared Bailey totally embodies the company he represents. They are an ideal match, sharing the same constant quest for making people feel good. And his dedication to this upbeat vocation just keeps growing…

“The Benefit Cosmetics anthem is ‘Laughter is the best cosmetic’, from day one that was something I could really get behind. It matches my personal expectations for life and my vision of the profession too. I joined Benefit Cosmetics in 2007 as a makeup artist. Ultimately my job was to make my customers feel beautiful and contribute to their joie de vivre. But makeup was only part of it and I realized that mastering the art of perfect eyebrows was an additional beauty bonus, so I decided to become an aesthetician. With beauty & brows fueling my fire, I rose up through the beauty ranks by becoming a Boutique Proprietor, then a Trainer for professionals in our US Boutiques, as well the Boutique Business Development Manager.

Today, as a Benefit Cosmetics spokesperson, I continue more than ever to spread our motto and enthusiasm around the world. A job like this makes it easy to begin every day with a smile. The enthusiasm is quite contagious!  Our customers catch it from the moment the first try our products or brow & beauty services.

At our global headquarters in San Francisco (aka Beauty Central) I work with our education teams, as well as the marketing and services teams. And around the world I meet with local media, beauty influencers, and our field teams at trade, media, and consumer events.

As the global brow expert, I help Benefit Cosmetics develop tools and services techniques, like our “Brow Mapping” tool, and was also involved in launching a program that brings together and educates our best Brow Artists from around the world.

I think the keys to my success over the past eight years start with an honest taste for communicating, humility, passion, a sense of humor, and extreme attention to detail (if you’ve ever waxed an eyebrow you’d know what I’m talking about!). That’s how I’ve learned to embody the brand, and share what it is we do with gals around the globe!”