Ludivine Dehez

Vineyard Worker
Veuve Clicquot

Mon Métier d’Excellence ?

I’m a Vineyard Worker at Veuve Clicquot, so I work in the vineyards to ensure that our vines produce the best possible grapes. From November through September my job covers different phrase  The first is pruning the vines, which is the most important step because you have to choose the best branches, the ones that will develop the most grapes. Then there’s tying, or training, whey you attach wire to allow the vines to develop properly, as well as disbudding, or desuckering, to eliminate shoots that won’t produce fruit.  After that the wires must be raised to lift and protect the vines from inclement weather, and lastly palissage, or trellising, to separate each vine and keep the plants straight. After that it’s harvest season, and then the cycle begins all over again in November.

The most important things you need for this métier

Motivation is essential. You’re working all year long outdoors, sometimes in the rain or snow, so you need to be able to work in very different weather conditions. When it’s -15°C your mental strength needs to kick in! Beyond that the technical skills of viticulture are of course indispensable. This know-how is checked through pruning tests that all vineyard workers must pass.

What I love most about my métier

I love working outdoors, feeling free and being in contact with nature. The sky changes, you hear the birds singing, that’s what I really love. I couldn’t imagine being in an office all day! Plus, this métier is far from repetitive and I never get bored.

Passing on the métier to new generations

That’s something I really enjoy. I learned a huge amount from experienced colleagues when I arrived at Veuve Clicquot. Now that I’ve been working here for 12 years it’s important that I share what I’ve learned with others.

My advice for someone starting out in this profession

If you really apply yourself you’ll never regret it! You need to be strong, because this is not always an easy métier, but the more time you spend the more at ease you feel.