Mathilde Boisseau

Vineyard and Wine Manager

My Métier d’Excellence

I’m Vineyard and Wine Manager at Hennessy. Our role is to be a key partner to the winegrowers who supply their eaux-de-vie and help them continually improve quality and pursue their transition to more sustainable viticulture. Our 180-hectare vineyard plays an essential part in this process. From grape-growing to precise creation of wines for distillation, we are able to test tomorrow’s best practices under real world conditions.

The most important things you need for this métier

You have to be very passionate because this is a long-term activity that depends directly on the climate. Patience is essential because you have to take time to observe changes and the results of the work that has been done. Humility is important too, because each year is different and brings unexpected surprises. Our intimate relationship with nature means we must accept that we cannot control everything.

What I love most about my métier

Nature, the vineyards, the people who give their very best each day to craft this amazing product.

The grape harvests are always a high point for me. We work all year to prepare for this special moment when we literally harvest the fruit of our labor!

More broadly, what I love about my métier is contributing to the viticulture of tomorrow. We’re developing projects to make our production more responsible, and we share our solutions with all the stakeholders in the industry to drive collective progress.

The best compliment I’ve received

That would be when someone says that I’ve left the vineyard in better condition than I found it thanks to advances in techniques and the work done by people who are motivated and responsible, with a vision for the future.

I’m part of a Maison that has always pursued an alliance between centuries-old expertise and modernity, which means we must be capable of innovating while respecting our essential foundations.