Michele Giordano

Leather Goods Industrialization Officer

My Métier d’Excellence

I’m Leather Goods Industrialization Officer Men & Women at Givenchy. I take care for all technical aspects of producing leather goods, from start to finish. In other words, my job begins when I get a sketch from the Givenchy designer. I have to bring this sketch to life, selecting the best production methods and materials to make the piece.

My background

After graduating in high school, where I was in the science section, I worked in a small family-owned leather goods business. I didn’t have any specific training, so I learned everything on the job, day by day. That’s how I developed a passion for leather goods as I learned every single step in crafting a bag from leather. Several years later Givenchy contacted me and I began working at the Maison.

The most important things you need for this métier

Patience is essential, because making a bag takes time. You also need to stay concentrated all the time. And I’d say it’s equally important to remain humble, because even after dozens of years in this métier you continue to learn new things.

What I love most about my métier

Seeing and touching a completely finished bag. That really gives me a sense of pride, because technically it’s not always easy to create a piece from a sketch, so it’s truly satisfying when you succeed. And I absolutely love what makes my work so fascinating, all the reflection needed to get from sketch to object, finding the right techniques and materials. That challenge is always exciting for me.