Noémie Savreux

Makeup Artist

Mon Métier d’Excellence ?

I’m a National Makeup Artist at Sephora and I’m responsible for training our local teams. This training covers sales techniques, how to organize instore makeup events, launching new brands and products, as well as introducing new digital tools. I also create makeup training modules and sometimes I do make up for Sephora staff for special events.

My background

I joined Sephora five years ago as a sales associate. Then I took part in the Beauty Masters, an internal competition at Sephora, for the Europe Middle East region. After a year and half of preparation I was promoted to my current position.

The most important things you need for this métier

Above all you need to be kind, patient and nice to the teams you’re training, because that’s how you motivate people best. Listening is also essential in my work to make sure people are as receptive as possible.

What I love most about my métier 

I love seeing the teams I’ve trained succeed in applying what they’ve learned and accomplish things they didn’t think they were capable of achieving. Sharing know-how with others is what motivates me each day. I also love the idea of ‘strength in unity’, everyone can accomplish great things if they work as a team.

An anecdote ?

I recently trained and mentored someone for a year and a half for the same ‘Sephora Beauty Masters’ competition I was in, and she’s just made it to the second round. I’m really proud of her and also of the work I do each day. Being recognized as a Virtuoso as part of the Métiers d’Excellence LVMH has definitely been a high point in my career. I feel great pride in practicing this métier at Sephora and I’m thrilled that my work has received this recognition.