Núria Cruelles

Loewe Perfumes 

My  Métier d’Excellence?

I’m a Perfumer at Loewe Perfumes, which means I create fragrances for all our products. This means perfumes, of course, but also the home collection, which includes candles and soaps, for example. Working from the briefs I’m given, I choose the best-matched ingredients to formulate my scents. This work is both scientific and artistic. You need to know the different molecules in a fragrance and how to assemble them. At the same time, I put a lot of my personality into my fragrances, creating from memories, from my imagination and other inspirations.  

My background?

I studied chemistry, because as I said you need a scientific background to craft a perfume. I began my career at International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF), where I developed my career as a perfumer. I joined Loewe Perfumes in 2018 and we’ve accomplished quite a lot since then, including the launch of the home collection, which didn’t exist before.  

The most important things you need for this métier?

Well to start with you need a very good nose! Curiosity is important too, because that’s how you learn new things and find new ideas to create scents. And of course you have to have technical skills and develop expertise to create fragrances. But the nose is what’s most important – it’s my main work tool every day!  


It’s not really an anecdote, but I was extremely proud of the Paula Ibiza collection fragrance we launched in 2020. For the first time I worked closely with the Maison’s Fashion department, headed by Jonathan Anderson, to create a fragrance matched to his collection. I’m really proud of this creation because we developed it during the pandemic and it was really an ambitious project that took a lot of work.