Rachel Marouani

CEO, Fred

© Jérôme Bonnet / DR

CEO of Fred since early 2012, Rachel Marouani presides over the destiny of a house which has been cultivating the art of jewelry since its foundation in 1936.

“Before I took up my position at Fred, I already knew the LVMH group quite well. I joined Sephora as Head of CRM and E-Commerce in 2005 and spent seven thrilling and fascinating years there that were rich in experiences. The Sephora brand grew phenomenally during that time, and customer marketing played a large part in the expansion, which helped to enhance my visibility within Sephora and also in the Group. I was then appointed Marketing Director of the brand.

I owe my advancement within Sephora and my move to the top of Fred first and foremost to all the people I met who helped me discover and learn about the LVMH group. The climate of trust and high expectations fostered by the Group has also acted as a catalyst for me. My exchanges with Human Resources teams, in which I have always made ​​my career aspirations clear, are a perfect example. They were key to the success of my personal career plan.

Jewelers are purveyors of emotion and stories, which we constantly have to invent and reinvent. Merely satisfying our customers’ wishes is not enough. I frequently say that our job each day, in every aspect of our work, is to invent the experience of the luxury of the future. That’s what we need to do to remain timeless, and for elegance to continue through the ages. Today, the Fred brand has been entrusted to me like a legacy, and it is my responsibility to nurture and develop this heritage. We always try to imagine how far our brand will have come and how our customers will perceive it three years or ten years from now. That is my mission and the LVMH group is structured to support me in fulfilling it.”