Sophie Gourbat-Raimbault

Safety and Environment Manager

Sophie Gourbat-Raimbault

Sophie Gourbat-Raimbault is an agricultural engineer and a graduate of ESSEC Business School. She joined Hennessy as a trainee in 2002. Since then, she has risen through the ranks to become Safety and Environment Manager, a job in which the strength of her convictions can come to the fore.

“Since joining Hennessy, passion has been my driving force. Working for a brand that is celebrating its 250th anniversary in 2015, with exceptional expertise in oenology and cooperage, gives me a level of satisfaction that goes beyond the strictly professional. I’m also very motivated by environmental issues, so my interests chime perfectly with my job, in that it combines luxury, quality and a relationship with nature. I’m lucky!

Hennessy, the market leader for cognac, has a legacy recognized the world over. As Safety and Environment Manager at Hennessy, that involves me fully, and I am committed to ensuring that our production operations deliver excellence for our consumers.

Something I take great pride in is having helped to gain certification to the IS0 22000 food safety management standard for Hennessy and its subsidiaries. This guarantees the safety of our products.

I’ve just taken on new responsibilities, mainly aimed at gaining safety certification for the whole company. With that aim in mind, I coordinate a team of thirty people. It is an initiative that is all about the continuing improvement of our facilities and our working environment.”