Virginie Affortit

Store Manager

Mon Métier d’Excellence

I’m a Store Manager at Sephora for our store in La Défense, which is considered a full-fledged region given its size and the sales volume generated. I oversee four category directors who are in charge of beauty care, makeup and fragrances, plus one in charge of store operations. My role is to have a strategic vision for the point of sale and execute this strategy  in liaison with Sephora management and our local directors and teams.

My background

I’ve been at Sephora for 17 years now. I began as a sales associate before advancing in the hierarchy step by step. I first became a team manager then store manager and now  manager of this flagship store since January 2021. So I’m a pure product of Sephora!

The most important things you need for this métier

You need to be very people oriented, to show a lot of kindness and to like supporting people to help them develop their skills. The majority of my work involves working directly with our teams each day, so this is important. I’d also say good listening skills because you have to identify different profiles and adjust your management to each person.

An anecdote

I’m proudest when people I supervise advance. When I became a store manager one of my managers told me that her objective was to herself become a store manager one day. We worked together for three years, and after assessing her profile I gave her cross-cutting assignments in specific areas to help her develop the skills she needed. Ultimately she was promoted to manager of a sales outlet and I’m really proud, because that’s the essence of my métier. I don’t have a management approach focused uniquely on results, I want to help others grow so they thrive in their own careers.