Yoko Eguchi

Digital & CRM Director
Parfums Christian Dior Japon

Yoko Eguchi

With an unfailing sense of ownership, Yoko Eguchi has worked passionately to accelerate Parfums Christian Dior growth in Japan by bringing it into the digital world.

“I spent my high school and university years in the USA. After I came back to Japan, I was involved in various projects and startups in several industries, and this helped me to develop a strong talent of seeking & developing a vision, and leading projects with multiple stakeholders across an organization to achieve a common goal. Things were always exciting but not always easy which also helped me to develop toughness and sense of “ownership” in action. I brought this spirit – the desire to create new things and take on bigger challenges – to Parfums Christian Dior in Japan when I began working here in 2012.

When I joined Parfums Christian Dior in Japan, my first mission was to revamp the CRM program. I remember spending a year working with other departments, such as marketing, sales, the call center and logistics to take up all the challenges. Looking back, the sense of “ownership” was my only drive at that time. I was genuinely impressed by the organizational strength of the company. This experience helped me to build frameworks for cooperation between different teams in Parfums Christian Dior in Japan.

Another thing that impressed me was Parfums Christian Dior headquarter’s ability and capability to listen to local voices, and perfectly apply their strategies and brand image to countries all over the world. I am, and have always been, proud to be a member of this organization.

I am currently working in the digital field on our official e-Commerce website. I am also involved in digital and social media marketing, in the process of digitizing our CRM, and working on omni-channel projects. I think it’s clear to everyone that the digital domain is constantly evolving, and that we need to work together across departments to achieve our goals. Once everyone takes ownership of their role in a project, our perspective on strategy will broaden.

I am passionate about boosting entrepreneurship and bringing a sense of ownership to our projects, and through this helping both Parfums Christian Dior and our teams to grow.”