Client Experience Métiers

Store Manager, Sales Associate, Spa Manager, Aesthetician, Hotel or Restaurant Director, Customer Service Manager and more…

Sales and Client Experience métiers offer tremendous diversity and a wealth of career growth opportunities within each Maison. These métiers are essential to deliver the best service to our customers, showcase our products and savoir-faire, and manage and develop customer-facing teams.

These métiers require rigorous professionalism, curiosity, patience, listening and enthusiasm. They also require a strong taste for human relations, a keen sense of service and commercial acumen.

Client Experience métiers are anchored in passion.


Sales Advisor


In their customer-facing roles, Sales Associates are the House’s ultimate ambassadors. They know its history, conventions, and products inside out. They know how to build customer loyalty through the quality of their welcome, their ability to understand customers’ expectations, and the pertinence of their advice. In this way, they are constantly growing the brand’s sales and customer list.

His/her missions are:

  • To increase the sales of their store/sector
  • To embody the values of the House in terms of dress and sophistication of dialog
  • To guarantee excellent customer relations and deliver a unique, distinctive shopping experience to the customer
  • To contribute to all “non-sales” activities (opening and closing the store, cashing up, management of stocks/inventories and store security)

Store Managers are responsible for growing a store’s sales and for the excellent levels of service provided in it. They propose and implement actions to boost sales and monitor their effectiveness. As the brand’s primary ambassadors, they welcome, serve and accompany the customers, alongside their Sales Associates, maintaining exemplary behavior at all times.

His/her missions are:

  • To increase the sales and profitability of the sales floor
  • To participate in the implementation and success of the sales campaigns that galvanize the store
  • To set the teams suitable targets and manage commercial activity with the help of performance indicators
  • To understand the competitive environment and identify opportunities for commercial development
  • To be responsible for ensuring established strategies and procedures are respected, and the store is correctly supplied

The Customer Service Manager ensures the correct implementation of the sales administration process and optimal cash management in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

His/her missions are:

  • To ensure compliance with the process for order processing
  • To optimize and upgrade all procedures and checks relating to the management process
  • To manage inventory allocation to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction
  • To monitor customer accounts (payments and overviews)
  • To check discounts, credit notes and returns
  • To manage customer relations and overdraft facilities
  • To define the processes and procedures to be followed and ensure they are rigorously applied by teams