Craft Métiers

Couturier, Leather Goods Artisan, Trunkmaker, Bootmaker, Embroiderer, Eyeware Maker, Milliner, Jeweler, Gemmologist, Watchmaker, Barrel Maker, Winegrower, Pastry Chef, Sommelier, Nautical Woodworker and more…

Craft métiers cover activities that directly involve the design and making of products in workshops and manufactures. This includes knowing how to select materials, design and assemble the different pieces of a product, and ensuring impeccable quality at each step of the production.

These métiers require rigorous professionalism, attention to detail, organization, creativity, curiosity and patience.

Craft métiers are anchored in passion.


Leather Goods Artisan


From making mock-ups to the finished product, the Leather Goods Craftsman designs and produces leather goods, ensuring optimum quality throughout the development cycle.

His/her missions are:

  • To test new materials, products and techniques for treating hides
  • To incorporate innovative materials into the design and production cycles
  • To design and produce mock-ups for the models to be made
  • To write technical information leaflets on the hide treatment process and the production of the pieces
  • To assemble the pieces and master sewing techniques on all machines and by hand
  • To meet the specific demands of customers to produce special orders
  • To control stocks and orders of supplies, spare parts and hides

The Cellar Master supervises the entire wine production chain. They select and check the quality of grapes during harvest, taste all wines produced to decide how to use them, and blend them to produce wines and vintages.

His/her missions are:

  • To preserve the flavor, coherence and identity of the estate over the years and vintages
  • To monitor the vines and grape ripening before harvest and coordinate the vineyard teams
  • To be present at harvest to check grape quality and select the best vines
  • To taste all wines harvested, to select those that will be cellared and define those that will be used the same year
  • To supervise the teams of oenologists and coordinate their opinions and decisions at the tasting committee

To design watch mechanisms as well as their cases and dials, identifying the materials to use according to their properties. To coordinate all craftsmen asked to produce these pieces.

His/her missions are:

  • To conceive and design the dials and exterior components of watches and watch mechanisms
  • To select the metals to be crafted
  • To incorporate the latest technological, mechanical and jewelry innovations into watch production
  • To source the pieces and supplies necessary for watch production, and to control stocks
  • To machine the watch components
  • To assemble the movements and cases
  • To coordinate the teams of craftsmen called upon to decorate the cases and dials
  • To identify and anticipate technological breakthroughs