The Fondation supports contemporary French and international artistic creation and make art accessible to the broadest possible audience through a permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, commissions of artworks, as well as a diverse agenda of multi-disciplinary events, with an emphasis on music.
I dreamt of designing a magnificent vessel for Paris that symbolizes France's profound cultural vocation.

Frank Gehry

Architect of the Louis Vuitton Foundation


    Frank Gehry designed a building that, through its creativity and bold design, constitutes the first artistic act of the Fondation Louis Vuitton. Rising among century-old trees, set on a mirror of water, it harmoniously melds with the natural environment, with which it establishes a true dialogue. Twelve glass "sails" envelop the "icebergs" housing the exhibition spaces. "Like the ever-changing world, we wanted to design a building that evolves according to the time and light, to create an impression of ephemeral and continuous change," says Frank Gehry. The interplay of reflections and transparency of the sails gives the building a dynamism that echoes the Foundation's activities.

    The building's artistic ambitions are matched by an exceptional array of technological innovations. The complexity of the assemblies and the unique character of each part of the building – from the 19,000 panels of Ductal® (ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete) to the 3,600 glass panels –  required the engineers to adapt industrial processes to a bespoke manufacturing process. The dialogue between the glass and the wood and metal framework is both a technical and aesthetic feat. The Fondation Louis Vuitton was chosen as a pilot project for the development of a new HQE® (High Environmental Quality) standard.
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      With a focus on serving the public interest, the Fondation Louis Vuitton both promotes modern and contemporary art while facilitating access by the broadest possible audience.

      The Foundation collection, overseen by artistic director Suzanne Pagé, has been built up to reflect the distinctive choices and approach articulated by Bernard Arnault. This dynamic and continually expanding collection has a natural structure defined by specific lines that establish four categories:  Contemplative, Popist, Expressionist, and Music & Sound. The artists whose works figure in the collection include Gerhard Richter, Ellsworth Kelly, Thomas Schütte, Pierre Huyghe, Bertrand Lavier and Christian Boltanski, among others.

      The Fondation Louis Vuitton organizes two temporary exhibitions each year that present modern and contemporary art. Among the noteworthy, “Icons of Modern Art. The Shchukin Collection”, a huge success  that drew more than 1.2 million visitors over four months, ormore recently, the Mark Rothko retrospective, “Matisse: The Red Studio”,and “Ellsworth Kelly. Shapes and Colors, 1949-2015”.

      Music plays a prominent role on the Fondation Louis Vuitton  agenda. The Auditorium in the heart of the building has been conceived as a space to inspire emulation, transmission and musical creation. It welcomes musicians and artists from all contemporary artistic disciplines, providing both artists and the public with a unique setting thanks to its architecture and the superb quality of the space and technical facilities.

      The Foundation’s artistic program resonates perfectly with Frank Gehry’s vision: “Design a magnificent vessel in Paris that symbolizes France’s cultural vocation.”
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