TAG Heuer returns to eyewear with Thélios

Published on 01.12.2024 • 2 minutes
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Cover TAG Heuer returns to eyewear with Thélios

Renowned Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has announced its return to the high-end eyewear segment in partnership with LVMH eyewear expert Thélios.

Thélios will develop, manufacture and disribute sunglasses and optical glasses as part of a long-term partnership, taking the same internalization approach it has adopted to manage eyewear collections from other LVMH Group brands. TAG Heuer’s first new collection will be unveiled in Miami on January 29 during LVMH Watch Week, followed by a special launch event in Milan on February 1.

The two partners will revive the avant-garde spirit and high-tech performance that characterized TAG Heuer’s previous eyewear collections.

The range will offer performance, functionality, style and innovation, fusing the distinctive identity of the two companies with unique Italian eyewear craftsmanship.

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