The Environment Academy

Social & environmental responsibility

LVMH’s environmental progress is closely linked to its ability to turn its employees into participants in its approach. The Group therefore constantly focuses on raising the awareness of its employees as well as informing and training them in the protection of natural resources.

Since 2016, these duties have been entrusted to an Environment Academy. The Academy prepares courses that meet the main challenges of the LIFE Program using a variety of teaching materials, including faceto-face classroom sessions, e-learning, virtual classes, etc.

The Academy also offers a core teaching course in the Fundamentals. This course mainly covers the major environmental challenges, running an environmental management system, and environmental law. It is supplemented by à la carte “trade” modules, such as the module offered to individuals who have a creative, research and development and marketing role, or the module on purchasing. The Group’s buyers can, for example, attend a one-day session entitled “Building Environmental Performance with Suppliers” where they learn to identify the environmental risks linked to suppliers’ practices, and to improve their assessment of those risks using a matrix of 10 targeted questions. As for the Environment Managers, they are trained to use a much more in-depth questionnaire, which also enables them to identify best practices in the supply chain.

The Academy has implemented specific measures intended for architects: in fact, architects are the key contact persons in terms of reducing LVMH’s greenhouse gas emissions, by developing eco-construction.

Furthermore, discussion  meetings organized about researchers, professors, philosophers or organization chairmen were launched, namely the LIFEvent conferences. These conferences, which are primarily intended for the Group’s Environment Directors and Managers, enable the latter to increase their understanding of environmental issues, and provide them with a broad overview of topical issues.

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