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Inspired by its heritage, Givenchy Parfums expresses a free and modern vision of elegance, both sophisticated and radically daring. Its products celebrate uniqueness and proclaim creative freedom.

Creation date: 1957
Chief Executive Officer: Romain Spitzer
Head office: 77, rue Anatole France, 92300 Levallois-Perret - France


For more than 60 years Parfums Givenchy has perpetuated the values of its founder, Hubert de Givenchy, the enfant terrible of fashion, releasing fragrances, makeup and skincare products that define an assertive and bold vision of beauty.

From L’Interdit and Irresistible to Givenchy Gentleman and the Collection Particulière De Givenchy, Givenchy Parfums fragrances embody the brand’s defining values of sophistication and boldness, fusing genres and revealing unexpected twists.

Thom Walker has been new Creative Director of Givenchy Makeup since 2022. His distinctive style and approach, both innovative and natural is perfectly matched to the Givenchy beauty universe. The talented young makeup artist will nourish the brand’s creative expression and product innovations, which include lines such as Le Rouge and Prisme Libre, which have elevated makeup to a luxury accessory.

Portrait of Hubert de Givenchy by René Gruau © Sarl René Gruau


Created by Hubert de Givenchy in 1957 as a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, L'Interdit reinvented itself in 2018. Each new olfactory variation is a forbidden blend both dark and bright, an invitation to transcend limits and elegantly embrace uniqueness. Rooney Mara, a captivating and engaged actress, embodies this powerfully unforgettable fragrance.

L’Interdit © Parfums Givenchy


Romain Spitzer, CEO © Parfums Givenchy

“Few brands can boast such assets: with teams who are passionate about their Maison and the enduring appeal of iconic products. Plus of course there’s the unique style of founder Hubert de Givenchy, both timeless and avant-garde.  This subtle alchemy of audacity and heritage is the foundation of our brand.”


Givenchy Parfums anticipates expectations, always exploring new territories for expression and constantly innovating. Prisme Libre is one of these stunning creations, born from a true mastery of light. Thanks to a unique loose powder formulation that mattifies and corrects with ultra precision, the four shades in each case complement one another to enhance the skin’s radiance.

This same philosophy is expressed in uniquely bold statements such as the highly pigmented texture of Le Rouge Deep Velvet couture lipstick, both totally matte and exquisitely comfortable to wear, or the hybrid  and marbled formulation of Le Rose Perfecto lip balm. Development of new Givenchy Parfums packaging and formulations – such as the Ressource and Le Soin Noir skincare lines – is guided by the principles of  ecodesign.

Prisme Libre © Givenchy Parfums


Givenchy Parfums has been inspired by a holistic vision of beauty since its creation. L’Interdit, Irresistible and Gentleman are all signature fragrances that embody the codes and history of the Maison. Givenchy Parfums is also enjoying robust development in makeup, a growth segment where the Maison stands out with innovative and sticking products that drive international success. Givenchy skincare offers a heightened sensorial experience with advanced formulations. Le Soin Noir range is emblematic of these precious beauty rituals.